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How To Groom Your Cat

Regular grooming is important for both the health and appearance of our cats. Most cats love to be brushed, especially if this habit is developed from an early age.


  • Consistent brushing stops hair from matting, removes loose fur and reduces the risk of irritating hairballs caused by the self-grooming activity of cats
  • For best grooming results, use a metal comb first and work it from front to back with the lie of the fur.
  • Loose fur can then be removed with a slicker brush or rubber mit.
  • If you have a long-haired cat it may be easier to develop a habit of brief daily brushing to avoid painful and difficult to remove matting of the coat
  • Using the Animates Cushion Pin Cat Brush ( is a gentle and effective way to deal with tough tangles.


  • Cat’s can be bathed to improve coat appearance or odour. Brush away dead fur before bathing
  • Cats can be nervous around water so quietly run a sink of warm water and lower your cat carefully in
  • Another approach would be to sponge your cat from a bucket
  • It’s best to use a mild shampoo and carefully work it into the coat. Be sure to rinse thoroughly before drying.

Nail Clipping

  • Begin a habit of playing with your kitten’s paws and claws while they are very young
  • You can use an emery board to start with to help your kitten adjust to different sensations on their claws
  • Be careful that your cat is comfortable before you start clipping to avoid resistance.
  • Use a sturdy pair of clippers to remove the white section at the tip of the nail. Our vets can demonstrate how to safely complete this part of the grooming process
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