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What is the Best Food for Your Puppy?

The importance of proper nutrition during the early stages of a dog’s life is critical.

A puppy requires about twice the nutritional content of an adult dog so they need to be eating an energy-rich food.  Selecting the right food for your puppy is key for healthy development of bones, muscle, organs and brain function.

When shopping for food, you have a few options: dry kibble, moist and semi-moist.

Dry food works well for puppies because it is high in protein, good for oral health and easy on the stomach of growing dogs.

Become acquainted with key ingredients (proteins, fats, oils, vitamins/minerals, water content) and make a habit of reading labels before making a purchase.

It is normally safe to begin feeding your dog adult food from 12 months of age.  Adult dog food has lower fat, protein and caloric density.  It is important to feed a diet tailored to your pet’s breed size.

Checking for weight problems is as simple as feeling your dog’s midsection. If you can feel his ribs and notice normal curvature of the hips and stomach, your dog is not overweight. If ribs are difficult to feel and hidden, or too clearly visible and prominent, then your pet may be over or under weight.  Check with us in store for more help.

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