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Does your puppy itch? Here’s how to Relieve Itching in Puppies

Do you have a puppy that scratches non-stop?

Lucky, you’re not alone. It is very common to see pups scratching, especially when they are young and their skin is sensitive. A couple of things you can do to reduce the irritation for them:

  • Ensure they are on a very effective monthly flea preventative like Comfortis. It is important that every pet in your house is on this every month of the year.
  • Feed a high-quality diet like Hills Puppy Food. This will support thier development and reduce any possible skin irritation.
  • Use a soothing shampoo and conditioner like Nutriderm.
  • Ensure your dog has low allergy bedding (cotton rather than synthetics) and reduce the amount of exposure to garden plants and long grasses as they may be causing irritation.

Caring for your puppy in this way will help them maintain their skin health and try keeping them as comfortable as possible. If you continue to see your puppy itch it is important to speak with your vet at your soonest. Hope this helps!

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