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Cobalazorb (B12) For Dogs & Cats 60 Capsules


Cobalazorb (B12) For Dogs & Cats 60 Capsules

Ever noticed your pet seeming a bit low on energy lately? It's time to turn that around with Cobalazorb (B12) for Dogs & Cats (60 capsules)! Say hello to a solution crafted to perfection, ensuring your pet's B12 and folate levels stay optimal. Prepare to witness a transformation from lethargy to lively, from sluggish to spirited! Your furry companion's well-being starts here!

Key Benefits:

  • Revitalised Pets: Watch as your furry friend becomes more lively and joyful.

  • Essential Nutrients: Ensure normal cobalamin and folate levels for vitality.

  • Cellular Harmony: Supports various physiological processes for overall wellness.

  • Gut Health: Preplex® prebiotics maintain a balanced gastrointestinal environment.

  • Delightful Flavour: Chicken flavouring ensures pets eagerly await their dose.

  • Tailored Treatment: Adjust dosage to suit your pet's specific needs.

  • Hassle-Free Administration: Capsules can be given whole or mixed with food.

  • Extended Freshness: Enjoy prolonged shelf life for peace of mind.


Cobalazorb has a 2 year shelf life from the date of manufacture. Store in a cool dry place.




Pets less than 10kg

half per day or 1 capsule every second day
10kg - 20kg

1 capsule per day

Pets over 20kg

2 capsules per day

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