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Epi-Soothe Rinse & Conditioner

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Use for the soothing effects of colloidal oatmeal for itchy skin while also cleansing the coat of dogs and cats.

Epi-Soothe S Shampoo contains spherulites that bind to the hair and remain there in layers after rinsing. They allow for a sustained release of the colloidal oatmeal onto the skin and hair. TThe oatmeal particles assist in maintaining the skin moisture level by keeping existing moisture in and drawing further moisture to the skin surface. The particles also attract and dislodge dirt particles from superficial and deeper parts of the skin. Moist, clean skin is less likely to be irritated and itchy. Recommended for dogs and cats with atopy, Flea Allergy Dermatitis, generalised pruritis, contact or food allergy.

The shampoo has a 2% oatmeal level and is more able to clean the coat as it lathers. Epi-Soothe Rinse & Conditioner contains 20% oatmeal and following the shampoo with the conditioner maximises the soothing effect of oatmeal. The Conditioner is less able to cleanse. Apply after shampooing, massage through coat and lightly rinse after 5 minutes.

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