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Gripsoft Nail Clippers Small


Gripsoft Nail Clippers Small is ergonomically designed for comfort and easy use to get those nails back in shape. A rubber-sheathed handle design with GripSoft technology is ergonomically designed to fit the curvature of your and with non-slip grips that are made to be more comfortable and provide optimal control while grooming your pet.

It features a cutting guard to reduce the chances of cutting nails too short, and help groomers maintain a comfortable nail length without hurting your pet. It has a heavy-duty sharp blade for a smooth cut without jagged edges.


  • Great for regular use
  • Easy-to-use nail clipper
  • Sharp heavy-duty blade and has a non-slip grip
  • Allows you to achieve a clean cut with no jagged edges
  • A safety guard helps to prevent trimming your pet's nails too short
  • The soft, non-slip handle is comfortable and makes grooming safe and simple
  • Has cutting guard for small and small sized pets to maintain nails


Try locating the nail bed, or quick, inside your pet's nail - it contains blood vessels and nerves
The quick is easily visible in light colored nails, but often difficult to see in dark nails
Use this clipper with the cutting blade toward you and cut the nail well short of the quick
If you accidentally do cut the quick, apply styptic powder to help stop the bleeding
After trimming the nails, smooth the edges with the Grip Soft Nail File


Size: Small (for small sized breeds)
Dimensions: 14.6 x 0.6 x 10.8 cm approx.

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