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Royal Canin Veterinary Diet Cat/Dog Recovery 12 x 195g


Royal Canin Veterinary Diet Cat/Dog Recovery 12 x 195g

Royal Canin Veterinary Diet Cat/Dog Recovery - a highly specialized nutritional solution designed to support the recovery and well-being of your beloved feline and canine companions. Each pack includes 12 convenient 195g cans of this premium wet food.

Key Benefits:

  • Recommended by Vets: Royal Canin Veterinary Diet Recovery is recommended with confidence by veterinarians. It's always a good idea to consult with your vet to determine the specific needs of your pet and incorporate this diet as part of their recovery plan.

  • Tailored Recovery Support: This formula is crafted to aid in the recovery process for both cats and dogs. Whether your pet is recuperating from surgery, illness, or any other health challenges, this diet is expertly formulated to provide the necessary support.

  • Palatable Texture: The canned wet food is not only nutritious but also palatable, ensuring that your pet enjoys their meals during this crucial recovery phase.

  • Complete and Balanced: This diet is formulated to meet the nutritional requirements of both cats and dogs, offering a balanced combination of essential nutrients, vitamins, and minerals.

  • Convenient Packaging: With 12 individual 195g cans in each pack, it's easy to manage portions and keep the food fresh for your pet's needs.

Indications may be prescribed to nutritionally manage:

  • Re-feeding during/after anorexia
  • Malnutrition
  • Post-surgery and intensive care
  • Convalescence
  • Tube feeding


  • Pancreatitis
  • Hepatic encephalopathy
Application Type
Quantity Type
Animal Type
Cat, Dog
Breed Size
0-10kg, 11-20kg
Royal Canin

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