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Bird Supplies Online

You want to give everything that you can to your pet bird, and you want to do that for them! From where you feed them to where they sleep and play, there isn't anything you would not do if you wanted to give them the best care possible. Providing them with the best vitamins, supplements, and wellness products will help them thrive. That they thrive. Vet Products Direct offers a wide selection of bird supplements and bird vitamins for pet parents. Our goal is to help you provide the best possible care for your pet bird.

Introducing vitamin and calcium supplements to your bird is the surest way to ensure you are providing optimal diet conditions for better health.

There is no doubt that poor or inadequate diet is one of the most important causes of illness in birds. It is possible for birds to get sick for a variety of reasons, but the two main categories where most problems arise can be categorized as the environment in which the bird lives and their diet. There are many problems that can be avoided if bird owners optimize their bird's environment and diet in order to avoid them. Your bird will be able to live a longer, healthier, happier life because of this.

It has been proven that nutritional deficiencies can cause a wide range of illnesses, ranging from poor feather color and feather picking to severe upper respiratory infections. Diet has a direct impact on the health of the birds regardless of whether the sickness is caused by a primary deficiency or a secondary infection.

Our selection of bird supplements, vitamins, and bird wellness products includes things like:



Vitamins - Make sure your bird gets the health care and vitamins they need in order to live the best life possible. Vet Products Direct makes it easy to find everything you need for your feathered friend, with a variety of products to help support better digestion, strong beaks, clean plumage and overall wellness - as well as homeopathic remedies for nasal problems, coughs, lice, mites, and worms as well as bird vitamins and supplements. It's simple to find everything you need for your feathered friend at Vet Products Direct. Whether you are shopping for health products for birds by type or brand, we have a collection that will fulfill all your pet's needs.



You can be sure that you will find exactly what you are looking for at Vet Products Direct to care for your pet bird. Need probiotics supplements or other bird supplies while you’re here? We have you covered.

With a team of veterinarians and customer service staff on hand to answer any questions you have about our products, you can shop with confidence knowing you are getting the best price on reputable products. You can reach our time during business hours via email [email protected], or by phoning 1300 838 776.

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