DNA Testing Kits for Cats

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If you’re a cat owner or breeder looking for insight into your feline friend's unique (and often curious) characteristics, DNA testing kits can provide helpful answers. It’s now possible to receive a full breed profile that will identify breed-specific traits and health issues that may arise down the line. As such, these tests can be beneficial in providing peace of mind and anticipating your cat’s care needs.

How Does Cat DNA Testing Work?

Cat DNA tests can provide a wealth of information from the comfort of your home. Simply activate your kit online, take a swab from your cat’s cheek and send the sample away for lab analysis.

Once the test has been processed, you can access the results and a full DNA profile online. This can provide insight into your cat’s parentage and lineage.

Why Do A Cat Breed DNA Test?

Cat breed DNA tests allow breeders to clear cats by parentage and prove their lineage. They also provide insight into breed-specific traits and potential health risks. As such, owners can tailor diet and exercise to their cat’s specific needs.

Are Cat DNA Tests Accurate?

The accuracy of the test results is dependent on the quality of the sample collected. Follow these tips when collecting your sample to achieve the most accurate results:

Cat DNA Testing Tips

  • Don’t allow your cat to eat for at least 10 minutes before collecting the sample
  • Avoid touching the tip of the swab to prevent cross-contamination with your own DNA
  • Wait until your cat is relaxed to collect the sample so you can swab their cheek for the required 10-15 seconds
  • Allow the swab to dry for 10 minutes before placing them in the pouch for lab analysis

How Much Are Cat DNA Tests?

DNA tests for cats generally cost between $100 — $300. Choose a kit that tests for precisely what you want to know to get the most value from your test. After all, there’s no point in purchasing a Purebred DNA test kit for your mixed-breed cat.

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