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Cats love to play! Playing with your cat is a great way to spend quality time together. Not only does play help to keep your cat happy and healthy, it also helps to strengthen the bond between you.

With the huge range of cat toys on the market, it can be hard to know what toys you should purchase for your cat. Vet Products Direct stocks a range of high quality toys, personally selected by our team of veterinary surgeons and animal health practitioners, so that you can shop with confidence. We choose to only stock cat toys that we would give to our own cats or kittens as safety is another key consideration when selecting the right toy for your cat.

Our entire team of animal lovers know you want only the best for your cat so that they can lead a long, happy, and fulfilled life. That is why we aim to keep our prices as low as possible, ensuring all pets have access to quality products that enrich their lives. 

Why You Should Play With Your Cat

Playing with your cat helps to build trust and strengthen your bond. It also has several other positive benefits including:

Playing with your cat keeps them happy and healthy

Cats need regular mental and physical stimulation to keep their mind and bodies active. Cats that don’t engage in play can become bored or depressed, and this may lead to adverse behaviour. Cats that live indoors 24/7 need more exercise and attention than those that have access to the outdoors. Playing with your cat keeps them physically active, keeps their muscles strong, improves their circulation, and ensures they remain at a healthy weight. 

Playing with your cat gives them an outlet for their natural instincts

Cats are natural predators that are used to having to stalk, pounce, bite and paw at their prey in order to catch it. If they do not have an appropriate outlet to unleash these urges, they may decide to take them out on your furniture or legs! Providing your cat with toys that move is a great way to redirect any bad behaviour that has emerged. Even better, get a toy that you can move for your cat to chase such as a wand (a ribbon or toy on the end of an elastic attached to a stick) so you can play together. Ensuring your cat has access to a variety of suitable cat toys can help to prevent bad behaviour and keeps everyone happy.

Playing with your kitten helps them develop and grow 

Play time is especially important for kittens as this is when they learn crucial life skills such as coordination, how to hunt, social skills and appropriate behaviour around other cats. From a very young age, kittens will wrestle, bite and pounce on each other, honing their hunting skills and building their strength. Once kittens are old enough to be weaned from their mother, they suddenly may find themselves without a litter mate to play with when they arrive in their new home. It is up to you as their new owner to ensure they continue to grow and develop by engaging in regular play. In between sleeping, kittens are also full of energy and if they don’t have the chance to burn it all off during playtime, you may find them climbing the curtains instead (literally). Plus, playing with kittens is literally the most adorable and fun activity to have ever existed. 

What toys should I buy for my cat?

When it comes to toys, cat’s have some specific needs. Most dog toys or toys for children are not suitable for cats, you need to purchase toys that are specifically made for cats to nurture their inquisitive nature. 

Vet Products Direct sells a range of top-brand, quality cat toys that are designed to appeal to even the fussiest cats while also improving their physical and mental wellbeing. 

To avoid your cat or kitten becoming bored, select a range of toys of various textures and colours and swap between toys regularly. As well as a variety of toys of various colours and textures, noisy toys are also incredibly popular. Cats also love to chase soft, fluffy toys that bring out their hunting instincts. For cats that live exclusively indoors, toys that mimic some of the textures they would interact with outside to make playtime an enriching experience. 

Some of the most popular cat toys are ones that your cat can chase around and that move unpredictably and quickly. Playtime with your cat or kitten should be interactive where possible. This will only help to further strengthen the bond between you.

There are even cat toys that can help to make meal time more fun and interactive. Cats can become bored if they are simply provided with their food without having to work for it as they would in the wild. Slow feeders, puzzle or treat balls or a food maze are a great way to make your cat work for their dinner or treats and limit boredom. Making meal time interactive may also interest fussy eaters.

Scratchers are a crucial addition to any household with a cat or kitten, but are an absolute must-have for any cat that is kept exclusively indoors. It goes without saying that a scratcher could save your furniture or carpet as you are providing somewhere for your cat to express their natural scratching behaviour. Many cat towers or trees have sisal rope scratchers incorporated as part of the tree where your cat can really stretch out or even climb, burning off any excess energy.

Catnip toys are also a tonne of fun, but unfortunately not all cats react to catnip. Catnip is a member of the mint family and causes up to two thirds of cats to experience a short-term “high”. But don’t worry, it isn’t addictive or harmful to your cat. If your cat seems to enjoy catnip, you can put some old toys in a ziploc bag with some dried catnip to get them excited to play with them again, or just sprinkle some catnip on the floor and watch them roll around in it.

To avoid boredom setting in too quickly, be sure to regularly rotate your cat's toys around so they always have new and exciting options to play with. Playtime should be a fun time for you and your cat, so a mix of toys that you can play with together, as well as toys that your cat can entertain themselves with when you are not around is the ideal way to keep your cat happy.

Buy Cat Toys Online

It is so quick and easy to purchase quality cat toys online from Vet Products Direct. Our online shopping experience is secure and simple to use. All of our orders are processed as quickly as possible, usually within a day or two, and we provide fully tracked shipping to all of Australia at the lowest possible rates. We want every cat owner in Australia to be able to provide the best for their cat, so we are determined to keep our prices low. As a team of animal lovers, we are honoured to play our part in keeping your pets happy and healthy at any age. Know that when you purchase your cat toys from Vet Products Direct, you are purchasing veterinarian approved, quality toys at a great price. 

Shop online for cat toys now and treat your cat or kitten to a new toy (even if they prefer to play in the cardboard box the toy is delivered in!). Show your cat how much you love them with a new toy for you to play with together. Playing with your cat will help to strengthen your bond and will keep them happy and healthy.

If you have any questions about our range of cat toys, or any other pet products we stock, our customer service team is available by phone or email to provide you with the information you need. Buy your cat toys online today from Vet Products Direct and share the joy with your cat or kitten.

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