Dental Treats for Cats

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Dental Treats for Cats 


Cat dental treats that will keep your cat happy and healthy

You should feed your feline cat treats that will keep them clean and satisfy their cravings at the same time. Meaty and chewy cat treats are a favorite of your carnivorous cat. Make their teeth healthy with a meaty snack. With age, your kitty is more likely to suffer from oral health issues. In between professional veterinary cleanings, pet parents should maintain good oral hygiene. Plaque and tartar can be easily removed with cat toothbrushes, sprays, and wipes. Cat dental treats are a tasty way to keep their teeth clean. There are a variety of tasty flavors to choose from in the Feline Greenies Dental Treats. Catnip and salmon flavors are available in Feline Greenies. Tartar on pet teeth can be reduced by Greenies' unique shape and crunchy texture. In addition, they are low in calories, with just 1.25 calories per treat, making them a healthy choice for your cat.

Choosing the right dental treats for cats can also help to reduce the risk of dental decay in cats. In addition to their crunchy exterior, these cat dental chews have a soft, meaty center that cats love. It is common for cats to require dental cleanings every one to two years from the time they reach the age of two or three. It has been shown that by the time a cat has turned three years old, 70 percent of them will show signs of periodontal disease due to lack of proper dental care. By age four, many cats have significant gingivitis, which can cause pain. Read More on Dental Care For Cats 

Taking good care of your cat's dental health starts with you. In order to avoid serious feline dental problems, early prevention is crucial. Make sure your pet's teeth are protected with cat treats. At Vet Products Direct, you can find kittens the best cat products, such as cat food, cat litter, and cat toys.


Frequently Asked Questions about Dental Treats For Cats


Are cat dental treats effective?

Dental treats for cats can be very effective in removing plaque and preventing tartar from building up on their teeth. Make sure you follow the instructions on the package when feeding them and make sure not to overdo it since they are treats after all. In order to help prevent dental problems, dental treats are not a substitute for regular veterinary check-ups or brushing your pet's teeth.


How do cat dental treats work?

When your cat chews on a cat dental treat, it will rub off plaque and tartar as your cat chews on it. A dental treat for cats usually has a hard, porous texture that your cat can crunch on to clean her teeth as she crunches her way to a healthier mouth. As well as stimulating salivation, they can also help wash away debris from the teeth by encouraging salivation.


Can you tell me what the best dental treats for cats are?

The best cat dental treats are usually hard and porous to remove plaque and tartar with every bite. But the best treats in the world for cleaning won't mean a thing if your cat doesn't like them enough to eat them. Look for healthy, tasty treats with natural ingredients and not too many additives or fillers. Reading reviews may help you find out which brands cats really like. Vet products Direct has a great selection of cat dental treats and lots of reviews for your research!

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