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It's no accident that dog supplements for joint health are the most popular ones. Studies indicate that almost 20% of dogs older than one year and over 80% older than seven years suffer from arthritis. A dog's cartilage and fluids protecting their bones break down as they age, leading to irritation, inflammation, and pain.

When Should I Start My Dog On A Joint Supplement?

For certain breeds of dogs that are more prone to joint issues such as hip and elbow dysplasia, you should begin giving them a joint supplement from the day they turn one year old. This is the age at which most dogs have stopped growing and they will begin to benefit from having a preventative supplement included in their diet. 


Even if your dog isn’t prone to joint issues, you should still start them on a joint supplement at a young age. As they say, prevention is better than cure. Over time, your dog loses the ability to produce the necessary proteins that build and strengthen its joints. This puts them at risk of developing joint problems such as arthritis, hip dysplasia, and elbow dysplasia.


Symptoms of hip and joint problems in dogs include:


  • Having trouble sitting or standing
  • Not being able to jump into the car
  • Favouring one leg over the other
  • Holding a limb in the air
  • Inflamed joints
  • An audible popping or cracking sound in the hips


While some of these symptoms are a natural part of growing and ageing, they shouldn't be overlooked. For any concerns you may have about your dog's health, visit a veterinarian.


An Overweight Dog is an Unhappy Dog

I know this sounds harsh, but it's the truth. Obesity is the primary cause of canine joint problems. An overweight dog's quality of life is drastically reduced - and it's not something anyone wants for their pet. The extra weight placed on your dog's joints causes pain, which leads to inactivity, which leads to even more weight gain. It's a vicious cycle.


In fact, getting your dog to a healthy weight through proper diet and exercise is more important and will provide greater relief than any joint supplement ever could. Supplements are important, but they cannot work miracles - if your dog is overweight, no supplement will be able to relieve their joint pain.


With proper joint care, your pup can now run, play, hop in the car for an adventure, and enjoy their daily walks for longer. The use of supplements containing glucosamine, MSM, or chondroitin is an essential element of canine joint care. These supplements provide nutrients that may help ease pain and inflammation, increase flexibility, and strengthen cartilage and joints.

Common Ingredients in Dog Joint Supplements

Glucosamine - Glucosamine plays a role in lubricating joints by maintaining synovial fluid. As an added benefit, it may promote the formation of proteoglycans, which can help maintain joint and connective tissue health and elasticity.


Chondroitin - Research has found that chondroitin sulphate in combination with glucosamine helps to promote cartilage development.


Green-lipped mussels - Native to New Zealand, these mollusks have been easing joint pain in humans for over a century. They possess anti-inflammatory properties and contain chondroitin for overall cartilage health.


Omega-3 EPA and DHA (fatty acids) from fish oil - Omega-3 EPA and DHA are fatty acids with anti-inflammatory properties. Your dog's body doesn't produce enough of these healthy fats, but they are necessary for daily health, strong muscles, and healthy joints.

What About A Joint Lotion?


Topical lotions, roll-on’s and gels can help to provide short-term relief for aching muscles and painful joints. When combined with a quality joint supplement, joint lotions are a useful tool for managing joint pain and inflammation. Popular joint lotions sold by VetProductsDirect include Rapigel, Domoso and Odzon liquid.

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The range of quality joint and muscle products offered at VetProductsDirect includes brands like 4Cyte, Glyde, PAW, Sasha's Blend, and many more. Our team of veterinary surgeons and animal health professionals personally approve every item we sell. We  choose to only sell products we would happily use on our own pets. 


If you have any questions about our products, our veterinarians and customer service staff are on hand to answer them. You can shop with confidence knowing that our products are of the highest quality at the lowest price. You can reach our team by emailing [email protected], or by phoning 1300 838 776 during business hours.

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