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About Vet Products Direct's Medicated Dog Shampoos

Sometimes, dogs need a more specialised grooming treatment than just a general-purpose shampoo and rinse. Vet Products Direct stocks a wide variety of vet-recommended medicated shampoos for all kinds of conditions. Medicated shampoos can be an effective way to treat bacterial infections, parasites such as fleas and ticks, and skin conditions such as dermatitis in dogs.

Our Medicated dog shampoos contain naturally occuring oils derived from tea tree oil, aloe vera, eucalyptus bark, and more, which are great for treating itching skin and hot spots while maintaining the perfect pH balance for dogs. Oatmeal and Vitamin E are both soothing to the skin while proteins and collagens help to strengthen follicles and protect skin cells.

Other formulas make use of gentle chemicals that treat fungi, yeast, and bacteria, restoring your dog's coat to its normal pH balance and leaving a refreshed, clean pooch. Whether you are dealing with mange, seborrheic dermatitis, ringworm, hot spots, or plain old itching, medicated shampoos can set a dog's coat back on track, making sure they stay happy and healthy.

It may not be necessary to use a medicated shampoo for every dog, but for those that do need them, they can make a big difference.

You should always consult your veterinarian if your pet has skin or coat problems. Many dog skin conditions that benefit from medicated baths may also require additional forms of treatment, at least until the condition is brought under control.

Can You Use Human Shampoos On Dogs?

No. You should never use human shampoo on your dog, even if they are labeled "gentle." Because dog skin has a different pH balance, human products can be drying and irritating, which can often make any skin problems worse, rather than better.

When To Buy A Medicated Dog Shampoo?

There are a number of conditions where a medicated dog shampoo is recommended. If you have noticed your dog has any of the following then a medicated shampoo might be the right treatment. You should always speak to your vet if your dogs has any of the following conditions.

Allergies in Dogs

Medicated dog shampoo is commonly used to treat environmental allergies. They contain ingredients that help to reduce allergic reactions that result in itching and inflammation, as well as remove allergic triggers from your dog's coat and skin.

If you suspect that allergies are an issue for your dog, keep and eye out for these symptoms:

  • Itchy skin - either constantly or during certain seasons such as spring
  • A tendency to lick, scratch, and rub parts of their body excessively
  • Loss of hair or fur
  • "Hot spots" or red, inflamed skin
  • Chronic ear and skin infections
  • Anti-itch shampoos such as Epi-Soothe SIS Shampoo are particularly recommended for dogs showing signs of allergic reaction.

Fungal and Bacterial Infections

Infections are commonly caused by fungi such as yeast, ringworm, as well as bacteria, and are almost always treated with medicated dog shampoo. Itchy skin, crusty skin, pimples, and hair loss are common signs of a bacterial or fungal infection. A dog shampoo or rinse designed to ease these symptoms will help make dogs more comfortable while their skin recovers from the infection.

Veterinarians will typically recommend antibacterial and antifungal shampoos that contain ingredients such as chlorhexidine and ketoconazole. Popular products with antibacterial and antifungal properties include Mavlab Topizole Medicated Shampoo and Troy Hoss Gloss.

Other popular medicated shampoos for dogs include Pyohex Medicated Foam, which contains antibacterial ingredients, and Sebazole Shampoo and Malaseb Medicated Foam, both of which contain both antifungal and antibacterial ingredients as well as antipruritic and keratolytic.

Bacterial and yeast skin infections are often secondary conditions. An infection of this nature is more likely to occur when a dog's immune system is already dealing with a different issue, such as an allergy. Regularly washing your dog with shampoo can help prevent relapses once the primary issue is under control.

Since dogs with a history of skin infections often have easily irritated skin, choosing a shampoo with calming ingredients is often a good idea. A good shampoo for dogs with skin conditions should also be non-drying and mild.

Oatmeal is a popular ingredient in dog shampoos designed to restore moisture to the skin and reduce inflammation. Aloveen Oatmeal Shampoo is a popular choice and also contains aloe vera and is pH balanced. Aloveen Oatmeal Intensive Conditioner is the perfect complement to the Aloveen Shampoo, further soothing and cleansing the skin and detangling the coat.


Fleas are well-known parasites that can trigger skin problems in dogs. It’s an allergic reaction to flea bites that can cause your dog's skin to react to their presence. Using a year-round prescription flea and tick preventative is vital in combating fleas.

However, if they’ve invaded your home, a bath will offer your dog some much-needed, immediate relief while you clear the infestation. A dog flea shampoo can quickly kill and remove adult fleas but has little residual effect, allowing new fleas to quickly reinfest your dog.

A good option to combat fleas is to combine a long-term preventative with a dog shampoo such as Fido’s Flea Shampoo for severe infestations. Some topical flea preventatives cannot get wet for a certain period of time after application, so be sure to follow the manufacturers directions closely.

Mites are responsible for another unpleasant dog skin condition - mange. Hair loss, scabs, body sores, and sometimes itching are common symptoms associated with mange. Topical treatments, including medicated dog shampoo, can play a role in treatment. Keep in mind that some types of mange are highly contagious, so your veterinarian may recommend treating all of the dogs in your home at the same time.

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Buy your dog the best medicated shampoos and washes from Vet Products Direct! Not sure what medicated shampoo or wash is right for your dog? Our customer service team is available via phone or email to answer your query.

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