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Litter trays and kitty litter are a fact of life for most cat owners. Let us help you choose the right type of litter tray and kitty litter for your feline and your budget. Some cats can be quite fussy about the type of tray and kind of litter that they use so you may need to trial a few options before you find the perfect solution for you and your cat. 


Litter trays come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes - from plain plastic trays to large automated units, there are many options to choose from. Most are made from a hygienic plastic material that is easy to clean. The location of the litter tray is also an important consideration. Cats prefer to do their business in a quiet location where they won’t feel threatened. You will want to choose a low traffic, quiet area of your house like the laundry or bathroom. 


And the choice of litter is almost endless! There is clay, recycled paper, corn, wood pellets, clumping, odour-neutralising, crystals, all-natural, biodegradable and more. Without the wide range of litter types available, there is bound to be an option that keeps you and your kitty happy. 


We also stock litter accessories to help make clean up time even easier including litter scoops, tray liners, deodorising powders and sprays and cleaning supplies. 


When bringing home a new cat or kitten, or changing trays or litter types for your existing cat, it is important to give your cat options. For a new cat or kitten, it is best to continue to use a similar try and type of litter that they have previously used. This will help avoid any accidents while your new family member adjusts. When changing the type of tray, location of tray, or litter type, make the change slowly. Leave the existing tray in place until your cat has completely adjusted to the new location. 


When swapping the type of litter, begin by mixing the old and new together and slowly increasing the volume of new litter at each litter change until there is no older litter left. Some cats will not appreciate the change no matter how much time you give them to adjust. Unfortunately, in this case, you are the one that will need to adjust to your cat's needs if you want to avoid accidents around the house. 


Brands we stock include Breeders Choice, Catsan, Trouble & Trix and Oz-Pet.


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