Nail Clippers for Dogs

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The best range of canine nail trimmers

Discover our collection of quality claw clippers for dogs of all shapes and sizes. Our vets and vet nurses have carefully chosen this range so that you can shop in comfort, knowing you’re getting great prices for the best dog nail clippers online. We only choose the best brands and products, meaning your furry friend gets a great nail trim every time.

This is why regular nail clipping is important for your dog

There are a number of reasons why you should trim your dog's nails on a regular basis, particularly with a great set of canine nail clippers. Clipping should always be part of every pet grooming routine.

If your pup has nails that are too long, they may be experiencing discomfort and even pain, especially when walking. This can lead to split nails, which can be even more painful. When a dog is constantly walking with nails that are too long, they may adjust their gait to compensate. This can also lead to problems with posture in the long run, as well as cleanliness issues with claws and paws. What’s more, keeping nails short will reduce the chance of your dog scratching itself and causing cuts or abrasions.

Make sure nail trimming is done right

It’s very difficult to clip your dog's claws with a poor quality instrument. It can even be dangerous, especially for dogs with darker nails, when it can be difficult to see the ‘quick’. This part of the nail contains blood vessels and nerve endings. A great quality pair of clippers will make sure you can trim quickly and easily, and one with a light will help improve visibility. A faster, easier trim means a happier dog!

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FAQs about dog nail clippers

Is it better to cut or grind dogs' nails?

Both of these are effective methods for trimming your dog's nails. Cutting provides a quicker method of trimming, while grinding can be less traumatic for sensitive dogs. Most pet owners and vets prefer clipping and then grinding, but much of this is to do with personal preference.

What is the trick to cutting a dog's nails?

The trick is to keep your pup calm throughout the process, often with a dog treat! When clipping, always ensure there’s plenty of space between the part you are clipping and the quick, which can be seen as a pink area within the nail.

Is it okay to cut my dog's claws at home?

It’s definitely okay to cut your dog's claws at home! However, if you’re uncertain or your dog becomes aggressive, it’s best to take your dog to a vet or a professional groomer.

What type of nail clippers are best for dogs?

This depends on a few things, such as the size of your dog and thickness of their nails. Generally, a pair of guillotine dog nail clippers works well for all kinds of canines, enabling you to clip and trim claws effectively and quickly.

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