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Choosing Dental Care Products For Your Cat 

Routine dental care is an important part of being a cat owner. Using cat teeth cleaning products or dental treats offers more than just a fresh breath,  but also assists with the removal of harmful plaque in their teeth that if left untreated  can lead to Gingivitis which eats away at the gum line permanently causing tooth decay and discomfort. Proper brushing is as important for pets as it is for humans. We're going to take a look at some cat teeth cleaning products to better assist you in making the right decision. If you are looking to learn more, check out our blog about Cat Dental Care.

Cat Toothpastes and Gel:

An important part of maintaining your cat’s dental hygiene is regular brushing. T Cat toothpastes have been developed so they foam up during brushing which is meant to effectively clean the surfaces of the teeth. In many cases, toothpastes for cats  also contain whitening agents that can also protect enamel and those little bone structures. The pastes and gels also contain enzymes that help to eliminate bacteria in your cat’s  mouth that lead to bad breath and plaque. . There are All-Natural Toothpastes for cats that contain naturally derived plant-based ingredients that have been found to be effective teeth cleaning agents. Pastes are made with a variety of mint flavors, some of which can even be found without any taste at all.


Cat teeth cleaning gels are an effective alternative to toothpastes.  Once applied to your cat’s teeth they help encapsulate enamel, which offers you longer-lasting protection. Several owners apply gels to their cats' mouths and gums and allow their tongues to move around the gels to clean their teeth, while others use toothbrushes. A gel is also a good alternative for those who are unable to brush their pets' teeth, since some animals and their owners may find them uncomfortable or too challenging. The time spent brushing should always be a fun time so that they'll be less tense during future brushing or when using cat or dog grooming tools, it's important they understand grooming to be a fun and exciting time. Perhaps try rewarding them with a little dental treat before or after so that it turns into something they enjoy.

Cat Toothbrushes:

 Cat toothbrushes vary in size depending on the breed and stage of life. Brushes with rubberised or silicone bristles that massage the gums dare best for cats  with sensitive gums. As a general rule, the larger their mouths, the bigger the brush they should use. 

A cat’s natural way of cleaning its teeth is by chewing on bones or grass.  Now, if you want to get serious on maintaining your cat’s dental health, we’ll give you plenty of options to choose from. Aside from buying cat dental products, you can also follow practices like visiting your pet’s veterinarian. 

Cat Dental Treats: 

Dental treats are an easily administered way to help your cat clean its teeth and maintain its dental hygiene. Cat dental treats are recommended alongside daily brushing. . There are dental treats and chews you can purchase depending on your cat’s needs.

You can choose from dental cat food, treats, to dental sticks. Our vets and vet nurses have carefully chosen this range so that you can shop in comfort knowing you are getting great prices and outstanding service as well as discount pet products. Shop now!

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