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It's a lick of approval for our dog bowls

You can probably count on your dog eating his dinner from the pavement if the need arises. Dog bowls are still important for your dog's well-being, regardless of the fact that they make his or her life easier.

Dog bowls are essential for all dog owners. We offer a wide selection of feeders at Vet Products Direct. No matter what bowl size you need, no matter what color you want, we have it all. There are even sophisticated drinking stations and automatic dog food dispensers available.


Selecting a dog bowl

There is no need to worry about the way your dog looks when it comes to the appearance of their bowl, as long as what goes inside it looks good to them!

You should ensure that your dog has a bowl that is right for his or her needs in order to keep their digestive system healthy and happy. You might want to try using a 'go slow' bowl if your dog has a bit of guts when it comes to eating. This will let them eat more slowly. It is the same as having a maze in your dog's bowl and it acts as an obstacle between your dog's food and it.

It will be much easier for messy dogs to manage their mess and excess food with bowls and mats. Aside from this, our range of designer bowls also includes some stunning bowls you're sure to love.


Stainless Steel

Outdoor bowls made of stainless steel are the best. Their durability and ease of cleaning make them very popular. There are many stainless steel bowls that are dishwasher-safe and have rubber stoppers on the bottom to keep the bowl in place when your dog drinks or eats.



A ceramic bowl is a sturdy bowl. Despite being more fragile than stainless steel bowls, they are available in tons of cool designs to customize your dog's gear. To clean, these bowls are extremely hygienic.


Basic bowls and feeders

Bowls of all shapes, sizes, and colours are available from different designer brands. In stock now are ceramic, plastic, and stainless steel products that will meet your requirements.

Why not consider a dual bowl for families with two fur babies to save money and time cleaning?


Special bowls and feeders

It is possible to regulate the eating patterns of your dog by keeping a dog food dispenser. People who work varying hours will appreciate these feeders since they ensure that their dogs are fed even if they are away.

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