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Affordable Muscle & Joint Supplements For Dogs Online

Puppies and dogs require muscle & joint supplements to keep them healthy and strong. From our huge range of joint health care products for dogs, you can select the right supplement for your dog according to their needs.

At VetProductsDirect, you can choose from a wide range of some of the most popular brands of muscle & joint care supplements that can help to prevent arthritis and other joint and muscle conditions in dogs.

Do I need joint supplements for my dog?

Just like their human counterparts, dogs tend to decline in their physical capacity as they age, with the potential for joints to become stiff or even painful in a dog's later years. Thankfully, there are dog joint supplements available that can restore some of the bounce in your arthritic dog’s steps. These supplements provide great additional support to the dog arthritis medications such as Zydax (pentosan) your vet might have prescribed for your senior dog. Young dogs can also benefit from the protective effects of these joint care products.

How do I know if my dog has arthritis?

There are a range of symptoms your dog might exhibit if they are suffering from arthritis. These can include slower or hesitant movement, limping, complaining when touched in sensitive areas, licking or even chewing sensitive areas and less enthusiastic behaviour. Read more about common symptoms in our article on Joint Pain & Arthritis. If you’re uncertain about your dog’s joint health, be sure to consult with your veterinarian.

Can arthritis in dogs be cured?

Unfortunately, arthritis in dogs is similar to how humans experience arthritis and once cartilage damage has occurred, it cannot be reversed. The good news is that there are ways to manage pain and stiffness and make your dog's life as enjoyable as possible.

We carry a range of joint supplements for dogs that can help to reduce the pain and inflammation your dog is suffering. Some dog joint supplements are taken orally while other treatments are applied topically. It is also recommended that your dog gets daily, gentle exercise based on their physical ability.

What supplements will help my dog’s joint health?

Some of the most common dog joint supplement ingredients that have been found effective in improving joint health and easing arthritis pain include Omega 3, glucosamine, and chondroitin. Keep an eye out for these ingredients when selecting a treatment for arthritis in dogs.

Buy Top Brand Joint Supplements Online Today

Vet Products Direct is owned and operated by registered Australian veterinarians who personally approve every product we sell so that you can shop with confidence. We wouldn’t sell anything we wouldn’t personally use on our own pets so you know your dog is only getting the very best. Not sure what joint supplement is right for your dog? Our highly trained customer service team would be more than happy to discuss the options available for your dog. You can reach them by emailing us [email protected] or phoning on 1300 838 776 between 9am-5pm (AEST) Monday to Friday.

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