Pet Prescription Medication

That is why I developed PetScripts, to provide Australian pet owners with quality pet medications at affordable prices. At PetScripts you have the reliability and trust of an independent Dispensing Pharmacists and a qualified team.

If you already have a prescription from your vet and need to purchase pet prescription products then visit our sister site, PetScripts. Below, I have provided a few commonly searched prescription products now available at PetScripts.

Dr Mark Perissinotto
BVSc | CEO at PetScripts

Commonly Searched Prescription Products

  1. Apoquel 100 Tablets
    Price: from $243.57
  2. Carprofen Tablets
    Price: from $0.83
  3. Rimadyl Chewables
    Price: from $0.89
  4. Vetmedin
    Price: from $41.40
  5. Neocort Cream
    Neocort Cream
    Price: from $20.21
  6. Meloxicam
    Price: from $13.50
  7. Insulin
    Price: from $77.00
  8. Fortekor
    Price: from $41.12


Pet Prescription


With over 25 years of experience as a veterinarian and retailer of pet health products, our Managing Director and Chief Veterinarian, Dr Mark Perissinotto BVSc, launched PetScripts in early 2016.

Dr. Mark understood that many Australian pet owners, like you, appreciate the convenience and savings of buying pet medicines online. That’s why he founded PetScripts a service that helps you fill existing prescriptions for your pets through a secure online platform. Here, you connect with qualified Dispensing Pharmacists who prepare your pet's medication.

We do however know that it's not all about cost and convenience, Dr Mark, our independent Dispensing Pharmacists and the rest of our team understand that ordering medicines for your pet online requires a high level of trust from you, and we take that trust very seriously. We love our pets as much as you do, and we would never take a risk on their welfare, and we know you wouldn't either.

Dr Mark insists that the PetScripts team must never cut corners or take risks, and we must do everything we can to help you ensure your pets have the medicines they need at an affordable price.

When using PetScripts, you shop with the comfort and security of our 5-Star Promise:

  • All products are sourced domestically and are registered with the Australian Government
  • We never sell counterfeit or foreign registered stock
  • All orders are checked and dispensed by registered Australian Pharmacists
  • We're working every day to bring you the lowest prices and the best savings
  • We're constantly focusing and investing on customer service and speed of delivery


Looking to fill a prescription for your pet's medication? PetScripts is here to help! Launched in early 2016 by Dr. Mark Perissinotto BVSc, our Managing Director and Chief Veterinarian, this online platform makes it easy for Australian pet owners to purchase prescription pet medicines online. Dr. Perissinotto created PetScripts to offer a convenient solution for pet owners who have a prescription and need to obtain their pet's medication.

If you want to know more about how this works, feel free to check out our PetScripts web site. We have a team of professional workers to help you out if you have questions. Contact us today!

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