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There are over a dozen different types of brushes that you could use to groom your dog. Bristle brushes, pin brushes, undercoat rakes, slicker brushes and more. But what brush should you use for your dog? Some brushes are suitable for most skin and fur types and lengths, others are only recommended for use on certain fur lengths and types. Breeds with a double coat such as Shepherds, Collies and Retrievers or long fur, will tend to need a few more tools to keep them looking their best. Whereas dogs with a nice short coat, may only need one type of brush. Read More on Preparing your dog for grooming/brushing

Bristle Brush

Bristle brushes are a good brush to use right at the end of grooming your dog. The soft, pliable bristles are ideal for smoothing out your dog's fur. It is also good to give your dogs fur a brush over with a bristle brush after bathing. You can also use bristle brushes on your dog's face or areas with more sensitive skin as they are not as harsh as other styles of brushes with metal pins. Bristle brushes are suitable for all types of fur. If you have a short-haired dog with a sleek coat then a bristle brush is probably all you need to remove loose fur. Look for a bristle brush with stiffer bristles if your dog has quite wiry fur. For short-haired dogs, shorter bristles are better, whereas for dogs with a longer coat, they will need longer bristles.

Pin Brush

Pin brushes are ideal for dogs with a medium to long coat. Pin brushes typically have bristles made from stainless steel and the tips may be covered with a soft rubber tip to prevent scratching. You can use a pin brush on your dog every day to keep their coat smooth and free from tangles. You will often find a pin brush on one side of a double-sided brush, which is often accompanied by a bristle brush on the opposite side. The side with the pin brush is used first to detangle the fur and remove knots and mats. Then you switch to the bristle side to give the coat a final smooth over and leave your dog's fur looking shiny. 

Deshedding Brush or Blade

Deshedding brushes or blades are perfect for removing tough tangles and knots in the coat of your dog with short to medium hair while also helping to reduce overall shedding of dead, loose hair. Deshedding brushes or blades also help to reduce mats when used regularly.If you are tired of seeing tumbleweeds of doggy fur rolling around on your floors, a de-shedding brush or blade might be the answer you have been looking for!

Undercoat Rake

Undercoat Rakes can sometimes look a bit scary depending on the type! They are ideal for removing stubborn knots and mats in your pet’s undercoat whilst leaving the top coat in healthy condition. There are two main types of undercoat rakes, ones that look like a comb with thick teeth spread far apart (sometimes just called a rake), and ones that are like a comb, but the “tooth” is a funny shape, and tucked away in the curl of the “tooth” is a small blade that trims loose and dead undercoat. This helps to keep the undercoat free from mats and knots. Undercoat rakes are ideal for double coated breeds such as Collies, Shepherds, Retrievers and Pomerarians. 

Slicker Brush

Slicker brushes are a very common brush and are perfect for daily use on all fur types and lengths. The fine bristles, often made from metal, are great at removing dead and shedding fur and help prevent mats and knots from forming. For pet’s with sensitive skin, choose a slicker brush that has protective rubber tips on the ends. This will ensure that the brush is gentle enough to use everyday without causing any irritation. Use a slicker brush on your dog daily to keep their coat smooth and silky and to reduce shedding.

Rubber Brush or Curry Comb

Rubber brushes, or curry combs as they are sometimes called, are great for removing loose fur in the top of your dog's coat, while massaging their skin at the same time. For dogs that don’t enjoy being brushed, you may be able to get away with a sneaky groom by using a rubber brush glove. Your dog will think they are simply enjoying a good pat while you secretly smooth over their coat and trap loose hair. You can also use rubber brushes or curry combs during bath time to help remove any loose fur. The rubber bristles also gently massage the skin, stimulating natural oil production which will help to keep your dog's coat looking sleek and shiny.

Flea Comb

Flea combs might look just like a normal comb, but you will notice the teeth are very close together. When using a flea comb on your dog, the comb will trap fleas, eggs and flea dirt. It is recommended that you use a flea comb after brushing to ensure it doesn’t snag on knots or mats. It can also be used in combination with a conditioner to make combing easier and less likely to snag on your dog's fur. 

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