Anxiety Relief for Dogs

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Calming Supplements for Dogs

At Vet Products Direct Australia, we source and stock a range of high-quality supplements and tablets to calm dogs, big and small. Sometimes, no matter how hard you try, keeping your dog relaxed without medication can be difficult. There are a number of causes of anxiety in dogs, and getting to the bottom of it is important.  If you do choose to give your dog something to relax them, it’s important that you purchase only quality supplements or medications. Our range of dog calming products and anxiety medications is carefully selected by experienced vets and nurses, so you can rest assured that we stock only the very best on the market.

Finding the right calming supplements for your dog isn’t an easy task. Often, this requires trialling a few different products or brands before you find the one that works best. After all, every dog is different. The good news is that we’ve taken it upon ourselves to stock the very best calming supplements and medications in Australia. 

How to reduce dog anxiety

The mental wellbeing of your pet is incredibly important. If they find it difficult to relax or have problems with general anxiety or separation anxiety, supplements and anxiety tablets for dogs can help enormously. We stock the best dog calming products in Australia, with a range of healthy anxiety and stress supplements and medication for your canine.

Anxiety medication for dogs, allows you to lower stress levels in your pet enough that you can then begin training. The right training plan can lead to long-term, positive outcomes for your pup's mental wellbeing. Combine these steps with a safe, quiet environment and provide your pet with plenty of stimulation at all times. A range of toys can help keep them entertained, and regular exercise and a good diet are paramount.

Looking for calming chews for dogs in Australia? 

Calming chews can be a great way to keep your dog relaxed while providing some entertainment. We stock and ship a range of chews for dogs of all sizes. We’ve sourced products that contain quality ingredients and are proven to work safely and effectively, without any worrying side effects. Our range of chews include healthy ingredients such as protein, Tryptophan, B group vitamins. These ingredients will go a long toward keeping your dog relaxed and healthy… and they’ll enjoy the treat!

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