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Shop Cat Supplies Online From Australia’s Top Pet Care Brands

At Vet Products Direct, we are committed to providing Australia’s top range of veterinary-approved cat supplies and products, including parasite prevention, vitamins and supplements, food, toys and more. Online shopping for cat products is now even more convenient than ever with fast shipping, great value prices and no prescriptions required. 

Getting your cat the help it needs can take a long time if you schedule a vet appointment. It's possible to get quality products without having to wait for long. We do not believe you should have to choose between quality products and those you can get at an affordable price quickly.

Since Vet Products Direct is owned and operated by vets, you can be assured our  cat products are of the highest quality.  

No matter what you are looking for, we have a great range  of different cat supplies. Browse Cat products online from Australia’s top range of vet-approved pet supplies, including: 

 Flea Prevention Products For Cats

We stock a range of flea & tick products for cats from trusted brands such as Advocate, Bravecto, Revolution Plus & more! 

Heartworm Treatment and Prevention 

Many pet owners believe that heartworms only affect dogs. In cats, there is still a risk of heartworm infection, there is still the need to have heartworm medication for cats on supply. . Symptoms of heartworms in cats can include asthma, chronic vomiting, and coughing. Cats with heartworm infections can die suddenly, which is why heartworm medications are important to have on hand. 

Cat Worming Supplies

The importance of getting a trusted worming treatment for your cat cannot be overstated.  Products that aren't safe or effective can cause more harm than good. 

 At Vet Products Direct,  we offer a range of wormers from well-known brands such as Drontal, Aristopet, Milbemax, ParaGard, Bravecto Plus, Revolution, and Advocate.

Dietary and Vitamin Supplements 

When shopping for cat supplies online, don't forget about the importance of dietary and vitamin supplements. Cats commonly suffer from vitamin deficiencies, which can lead to serious health problems. Supplementing your cat's diet with essential nutrients replaces those lost during food processing.

Dental Health Cat Supplies

A feline's dental problems go unnoticed until they turn into a serious problem. Many cats fed primarily commercial cat food diets develop some form of dental disease even at a young age. Tartar accumulation on the teeth is the leading cause of dental disease.  Vet Products Direct has dental cat supplies Australian cat owners trust to keep their cats' teeth clean and healthy.

Shampoos, Washes & Ear Cleaners

While cats don't usually enjoy bath time, it’s essential to ensure their hygiene is maintained. We stock cleaning supplies to help keep your cat’s skin and/or coat  in top shape. 

Muscle and Joint Supplements

As cats age, they can develop arthritis which causes painful joints and limits their mobility. A cat's age affects its ability to digest protein required to build strong muscles. Muscle and joint supplements are beneficial to cats of all ages. During their younger years, they help develop and maintain their muscles, joints, and hips. As your cat ages, some supplements provide relief from the soreness and stiffness caused by arthritis.

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