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Dental Toys For Dogs Online

We offer a wide range of top brand dental toys for dogs. Our dental toys are only the highest quality here at Vet Products Direct, and we're positive you'll find exactly what you're looking for.

How Do Dental Toys for Dogs Work?

Dog dental toys are an easy way to promote good oral hygiene for your pooch. By chewing on their dog's dental chew toy, your dog can clean their teeth and gums, scraping away plaque and tartar build-up while freshening their breath! 

Dogs' gums and teeth will become stronger and healthier with every bite, protecting them from infections and tooth loss. These dog dental toys function like a toothbrush but also provide your dog with enjoyment and chew satisfaction. 

The main benefit is that they last longer than dental chews. A toy will last you many months so is therefore cheaper in the long-term. 

As your dog chews, saliva helps clean teeth by rubbing off plaque and tartar.

Note that dog teeth cleaning toys are different from teething toys, which are designed to soothe sore teeth in puppies

How to Choose the Right Dental Treats for Your Dog?

There is a huge variety of dog dental chew toys on the market today. Before you buy any, consider that all dogs are different!

First, consider the size of your pet. Small dogs love small dental toys and will struggle with something too big or heavy. Similarly, large dogs need bigger dental toys—small toys can be a choking hazard and won't be effective if they can chew them up too easily.

Look for dental chews made from natural ingredients like rice flour, wheat flour, pea protein, or corn starch. These plant-based ingredients are easier to digest and healthier for your dog.

Remember, the best dog chew toys in Australia are those that are vet-recommended and designed to clean your dog's teeth and gums effectively. Dental toys for dogs are essential for maintaining good oral hygiene, so choose wisely!

Should I Still Brush My Dog's Teeth?

Yes, you should definitely still brush your dog’s teeth if you can. Even if your dog is chewing on a dental toy or using a dog teeth cleaning toy every day, they might still miss spots that you can see and reach with your toothbrush. 

You should also be taking your dog to visit their veterinarian to have their teeth looked at least once a year. Even with regular brushing, chewing on dental toys for dogs, and providing dog dental chew toys and treats, plaque and tartar may still build up and require removal by a veterinarian.

Using a combination of brushing, the best dog chew toys in Australia, and vet-recommended long-lasting dog chews ensures your dog's teeth stay clean and healthy.

Top Selling Dog Dental Toys

Vet Products Direct offers a variety of top brands and types of dental toys for dogs, including KONG, Fido’s, and Prestige.

KONG toys are excellent choices for chewers of all sizes and strengths, available in various sizes and shapes. These sturdy rubber dog dental toys are ideal for all dogs, whether they barely nibble or quickly gobble up their toys.

You can either let your pet bounce and pounce on its rubber KONG as is, or stuff it with a tasty treat like KONG Ziggies or KONG EasyTreat. In the summer, try freezing it so it lasts longer. The KONG is a toy that can withstand most chewers, no matter how much your pet loves to play with it. For the dogs that destroy every chew toy they come across, the KONG Extreme range is the perfect dental toy for you!

Flavoured nylon bones such as the Fido’s Superflex Chicken bone and the Tasty Bone in chicken flavour are another great choice for dogs that love to chew. Nylon bones are infused with flavour for long-lasting entertainment. As well as cleaning your dog’s teeth, chewable nylon bones are boredom-busting, anxiety-alleviating and mentally stimulating. 

We have a wide selection of dental dog toys that will give your dog hours of fun as well as some exercise! A great game of tug-of-war is always a fun time! Browse our range of dental toys, dental treats and other dental supplies today to help keep your best friend's teeth and breath fresh and healthy. Find the best dog chew toys in Australia and vet-recommended long-lasting dog chews at VetProductsDirect!

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