Electrolytes for Dogs

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About Electrolytes For Dogs

In cases where your dog is suffering from serious dehydration, electrolyte supplements are highly effective at restoring the minerals and fluids lost from low fluids. The most common reason dogs experience severe dehydration are caused by vomiting, diarrhea or heat stroke. Giving electrolytes to your dog along with plenty of water is the best way to help avoid severe dehydration.  

Can Dogs Have Electrolyte Drinks Made For Humans?

Using electrolyte drinks made for humans is not recommended as many include ingredients that can be toxic to dogs. Choosing a dog electrolyte ensures that all ingredients are safe for your pooch to consume. 

How Do I Give My Dog Electrolytes?

Depending on how fussy your dog is about taking tablets, you can mix into their food or add the electrolyte drink into their drinking water. At Vet Products Direct, we have a range of electrolyte supplements for dogs ranging from chewable tablets to liquids. 

Can I Give My Dog Electrolytes As A Preventative?

Yes. It is recommended that electrolyte supplements are given to your dog to help them maintain their balance of electrolytes throughout the day. This is especially recommended on very hot days where they are likely to get dehydrated more quickly.

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