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Cheap Dog Accessories Online 

All of the Dog Accessories You Need, From the One Website

Vet Products Direct stocks a wide range of quality dog accessories including beds, bowls, collars, leashes, muzzles, rashies, life jackets and much, much more! Make sure you’ve got all the accessories your dog needs and shop for them on the one website. We stock top brands at great prices so you won’t need to shop around to get a good deal on quality products.

We help take the stress out of welcoming home a new puppy or dog by offering all of the accessories your new family member needs on the one website. We stock a huge range of quality accessories to help your new family member settle into their new home faster. 

What Affordable Dog Accessories Should I Buy?

Before you welcome home a new puppy or dog, it is a good idea to sit down and make a list of everything you think they will need in their new home. Having everything you think your new family member will need before you welcome them home will help to take some of the stress out of the situation and may help them to settle in faster. Our wide range of quality dog accessories that your new pet may need includes:

  1. Feeding Supplies

One of your first considerations when bringing home a new dog or puppy is probably around what to feed them. You should select a healthy food suitable for their life stage (e.g. puppy, adult, senior). When deciding between wet and dry food, it often comes down to preference. However, wet food is preferred for dog’s that are not inclined to drink much water to ensure they are well hydrated. A quality food bowl is also an important consideration as there are several options available on the market. As well as standard food bowls in plastic, metal or ceramic, we also stock:

  • Slow feeder bowls, to slow down dogs that eat too fast and prevent regurgitation of meals
  • Timed feeder bowls, for when you need to spread out meal time throughout the day
  • Puzzle balls - to make treat time more fun and exciting 
  • Lickimats - to keep your pooch entertained for longer 
  1. Somewhere to Snooze

A bed is also an important purchase, even though your dog may decide they prefer to just sleep on the floor! Dog beds come in a wide variety of sizes and materials. Be sure to select the right size for your dog, remembering that even the smallest puppies can grow into very large dogs! Heating pads are a real treat for dogs that live in colder areas and can help make arthritic dogs more comfortable. Raised beds will allow cool air to circulate underneath and around the dog making them ideal for the warmer months. Some styles of raised beds are also designed to keep fleas off, providing your dog with some relief from pesky parasites while they rest.

  1. Collars

A collar is an essential accessory for every dog and has multiple uses. It’s primary use is for identification. As well as being microchipped, you should attach a tag with your contact details to your dog's collar so they can be reunited with you quickly in the event that they go missing. A collar can also be a fashion statement for your dog. Whether it is adorned with spikes or diamantes, collars come in a wide variety of styles and colours. The main types of collars are:

  • Everyday collar - A sturdy, durable collar worn most of the time that should always have an identification tag attached. Some owners prefer a quick release style latch, other dogs are better suited to a traditional latching collar.
  • Bark collar - An electronic collar powered by batteries that emits a noise and vibrates or releases a spray of citronella when your dog barks, helping to deter them from barking further.
  • Head collar - Head collars are made for dogs that pull when they are being walked. The padded collar places gentle pressure on the dog’s head when they pull, which hopefully discourages the dog from pulling on the lead more. 
  • Other types of collars - Other types of collars include choke chains or chain slip collars which can be used for training but are no longer preferred by most dog trainers; metal prong collars or pinch collars which are illegal to import into Australia, but are not illegal to use (except in Victoria). The RSCPA does not recommend the use of prong or pinch collars for training, preferring to recommend more human practices such as positive rewards training.
  1. Leads and Harnesses

A correctly fitted harness can also make walkies much easier. Instead of all of the pressure of a leash pulling on your dog's neck, a harness disperses the pressure across your dog's chest. Certain harnesses also discourage your dog from pulling as the lead attaches at the front of the dog, causing them to turn when they pull. 

  1. Muzzles

Muzzles may look scary, but are often required when dogs are scared or injured to prevent them from biting anyone trying to help them. A correctly fitted muzzle should not prevent a dog from panting, drinking or being fed small treats. To ensure you are buying the right size for your dog, you may be required to measure the widest part around their snout while their mouth is closed, and the distance between the end of their nose and where their nose begins to slope up their head. Refer to the individual product description for 

  1. Outdoor and Adventure Accessories

Dogs that explore the outdoors need special accessories to make their adventures safe and prevent injuries. Doggy boots protect your dog's paw pads from the heat of the ground and any sharp features they may come across while exploring the great outdoors. Water loving dogs should be fitted with a floatation device that must be worn when they are on a boat or other type of watercraft. It is good practice to have your dog wearing their life jacket at all times when they are in or near water, but some owners will leave it off if the dog is only venturing into shallow water. We also stock doggy rashies to protect your pooch from the sun while they enjoy the great outdoors.

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