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Regular grooming is key to keeping your dog looking their best, no matter if they have short fur or a high-maintenance coat. Grooming is also a good time to thoroughly check your dog’s skin for problems or abnormalities. Brushing and bathing your dog is also a time that will help to grow your bond with your best friend. Regular grooming appointments can become a costly expense as they add up over time, but there are things you can do at home to extend the time between grooming appointments and keep your pup looking pristine.

What equipment do I need to groom my dog?

The answer to this question will depend on how much time and effort you want to put into grooming your dog. If you only want to do the bare minimum, this may consist of bathing your dog and giving them the occasional brush. At the other end of the spectrum, you can learn how to trim your dog's fur properly, cut their nails, clean out their ears, wash and style their coat and more! Some essential items you will want to have on hand to keep your dog looking and smelling their best are:

Shampoo and Conditioner

There are hundreds, if not thousands of shampoos and conditioners available on the market for dogs today, which can lead to some confusion when trying to decide what are the right products for your dog. Your first consideration when choosing a shampoo and conditioner should be - are you treating a skin condition? If your answer to that question is yes, it will narrow down your selection considerably. 

The second question you should ask yourself is, if I am treating a skin condition, what kind of condition. For example, perhaps your dog has fleas, then they will need a flea shampoo. If your dog has an allergy, they will need a shampoo that isn’t going to further irritate their skin. Our shampoos are easily separated into the two categories of medicated and non-medicated, making it easier for you to start in the right place when looking for a shampoo for your dog. Medicated shampoos contain certain ingredients that will help treat specific skin conditions. 

Conditioners are not always necessary for dogs, but they can aid in the treatment of a skin condition, or just leave their fur feeling extra silky soft. Avoid bathing your dog too frequently as this can dry out their skin. If you find that your dog still smells between washes, they may need a checkup at the vet to rule out any infections that could be causing the offensive odour.

Brush or Comb

A quality brush or comb is another essential item for any dog owner, no matter the length or type of fur your dog has. VetProductsDirect stocks the quality range of GripSoft brushes with every size and style of brush imaginable available at a competitive price. Dogs with an undercoat or long fur may benefit from the use of a few different styles of brushes to first remove any undercoat or dead hair, and then finish the groom with a fine comb to ensure all knots have been removed. If you are unsure what style would be best for your dog, our customer service team would be happy to advise you. Some dogs may not enjoy being brushed at first. You can encourage them to see grooming as a positive activity by rewarding them with a treat or praise every time they allow you to brush them. Don’t force your dog to submit to brushing as it will only reinforce their fear further and may lead to negative behaviours.

Nail Clippers

Many dog owners tend to prefer to leave nail clipping to the vet or groomer as they have not been able to successfully clip their own dog's nails. However, much like a dog that doesn’t enjoy brushing, you can help them to become more comfortable with having their nails clipped by using positive reinforcement such as treats and praise, every time they allow you to clip a nail. If you are worried about hurting your dog when you are clipping their nails, remember it is just like when we clip our own nails. You just need to remember to not cut too close to the base of the nail where the quick is to avoid causing bleeding. Clip at the tip of the nail straight across. Trim off small bits of the nail at a time if you are wary of cutting too far down the nail. 

Other Grooming Supplies

If you want to take things a step further, you can always purchase your own pair of grooming clippers or scissors, and learn how to groom your dog yourself! We stock selected sizes of Wahl clipper blades and grooming scissors. Various sprays will help make grooming time easier as your brush and comb are able to glide effortlessly through your dog's fur and will leave them with a sleek and shiny coat that smells incredible! As most pet owners would know, a lint roller becomes a necessary addition to your household, handbag, and car glove box. Pet fur is a fact of life when owning a pet, and we stock both lint rollers and refills to keep the fur to a minimum! When your dog needs a refresh between baths, grooming wipes are a handy addition to clean up small messes and refresh smelly fur.

Shop Our Range of Quality Grooming Supplies

VetProductsDirect stocks a range of quality grooming supplies from some of the top brands including Wahl, Fido’s, Gripsoft and PAW. Our team of veterinary surgeons and animal health professionals have personally approved every product that we stock as we refuse to sell items that we wouldn’t be happy using on our own pets. 

You can shop with confidence knowing that you are getting an excellent deal on reputable products, backed by the support of our team of vet nurses and customer service staff who are available to answer any questions you may have about our products, or their suitability for your pet. You can reach our time during business hours via email [email protected], or by phoning 1300 838 776.

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