DNA Testing Kits For Dogs

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DNA Testing Kits For Dogs

Are you curious about the breed makeup of your pup? Seeking insights into their potential health risks? With dog DNA testing, you can now access valuable genetic information about your pet — from genes to personality. At-home dog DNA kits offer a deeper understanding of your pet’s traits and have the potential to revolutionise how you interact with your furry friends. So, if you’re a pet parent eager to uncover answers, a dog DNA testing kit could be the perfect solution.

Why Should I Test My Dog’s DNA?

While human DNA tests are conducted to learn more about ancestry, pet DNA testing can provide insight into your four-legged friend’s breed makeup, personality and potential health risks.

Breed Makeup

Dog DNA tests offer invaluable insight into the breed makeup of your canine companion. Through advanced genetic testing, it can determine your dog's primary breed, as well as a more in-depth ancestry breakdown to discover any other breeds present in their lineage. This information can be helpful when seeking to understand the unique physical and behavioural traits associated with particular breeds, such as size and energy level.

Potential Health Risks

By revealing inherited disorder predispositions, drug sensitivities and breed-specific nutritional needs, dog DNA tests can help owners can make informed decisions about their pet’s healthcare. For example, a pet DNA test might indicate that a dog has an increased risk of developing hip dysplasia. This knowledge allows you to adjust your dog’s diet or exercise accordingly to help prevent health issues later in life.

How Does Dog DNA Testing Work?

There are several dog DNA testing kits on the market but they all follow similar steps.

Step 1: Register The Kit Online

Follow the instructions on the package to register your kit and activate your account online.

Step 2: Collect A Sample

Wait at least 10 minutes after eating to collect the sample. Gently rub the inside of your dog’s cheek with a swab for 10-15 seconds. Send the sample off for analysis in the prepaid envelope provided.

Step 3: Receive Your Results

You can view the test results in your online account approximately 4 weeks after the lab receives your sample.

Are Dog DNA Testing Kits Accurate?

The accuracy of the genetic test results will depend greatly on the quality of the sample collected. To increase the accuracy of your results, ensure you follow the instructions in the kit carefully and avoid contaminating the sample. Most dog DNA test kits claim to have over 90% accuracy, so you can expect reliable results provided the sample is collected correctly.

How Much Is A Dog DNA Test?

Our range of ORIVET DNA Testing Kits retail from just $129.95 — that’s a small price to pay to identify potential health risks for your furry friend.

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