Cat Flea and Tick Treatments for Cats

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Using Flea and Tick Treatments For Cats

Does your cat scratch and chew its skin? Do they look restless and uncomfortable throughout the day? Though it could mean lots of things, cat fleas and ticks may be one of the reasons why.

Fleas are one of the most common external parasites for cats. Your indoor cats are still vulnerable, especially if you also have dogs in the house. Parasites will find a way to infest your feline friends and, when left untreated, can cause further health problems. To prevent this, you need to know the best cat flea and tick treatments available on the market.

At Vet Products Direct, we are committed to providing the best cat flea and tick treatments for your furry friends! With many available flea and tick products for cats, looking for the best one might take some time. Our team of vet professionals are experts in flea and tick treatment for cats and have provided key recommendations below when cat flea and tick treatment is needed most.

Choose among these reputable brands of cat flea and tick products to provide the best treatments for your feline buddies. Not sure what to pick? Contact us today and let us help you find the perfect flea and tick treatments for your cat.

What is the difference between fleas and ticks?

Cat fleas and ticks are parasites that can cause health issues and discomfort to cats if left untreated. Fleas are classified as insects that live on other animals and feed off blood. Ticks however are larger than fleas and can inject saliva into the animal's skin. But, how do you know if your cat is experiencing fleas or ticks?

Fleas in Cats

If your cat is experiencing scratching, hair loss, itching and scabbed bumps, your cat could have fleas. If these symptoms persist it’s important to begin a cat flea treatment to ensure your cat doesn’t feel discomfort or pain.

Ticks in Cats

Cat ticks are a little different. Ticks will feel like a stationary bump on the cat's skin where the tick has attached itself. As ticks are concentrated in one spot, take notice if your cat is scratching the same spot regularly. A cat tick treatment will be essential for your cat's recovery and prevent further health problems in the future.

Which is the best flea and tick treatment for cats?

There are many flea and tick treatments available for cats including drops, liquid, shampoo or even cat flea spray. Choosing cat flea and tick treatment will depend on your breed size and how your cat has reacted to different products in the past. And, if this is your first time delivering cat flea and tick treatment to your pet, read our Creative Ways to Deliver Flea and Tick Treatments guide to getting you started. If you are unsure if your cat has fleas or ticks we have cheap cat flea treatments in our collection so you can put your cat's health first.

Have more questions about which flea and tick treatment is best for your cat? Say hi via our online chat or contact us at [email protected].

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