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Cat Training and Behaviour Products

Buy training and behaviour products for your cat online from VetProductsDirect

Fear, pleasure, hunger, anxiety, frustration, and many other emotions affect the way cats behave the same way they do in humans. There are several common kitty behaviours seen as undesirable and which can negatively affect both the owner and pets quality of life. Although some of these behaviors cannot be eliminated, many can be corrected.

Identifying why cats behave as they do can be difficult, since they tend to be quite mysterious creatures. In addition, not every behavior is explained by a single reason, and each cat has its own unique personality.


A cat scratches to mark its territory. Providing scratching posts and other toys that your cat can dig into will allow you to redirect the behavior if your cat scratches objects you don't want it to. You can also purchase repellant sprays to deter your cat from clawing items such as couches and chairs. Combining this with using dried catnip or catnip spray on items you wish for your cat to scratch can usually alleviate most issues with unwanted scratching. If your cat isn't using your current scratching post, you may wish to trial a post made from a different material such as carpet, rope, or corrugated cardboard.

Urinary Problems

Various urinary issues can also arise in cats. A cat may spray, urinate outside its box, or be unable to urinate because of infections, inflammations, bladder stones, stress, or tumors. Litter box issues can also be exacerbated by conflicts between cats and changes in the house (e.g., construction, family member departures, new family member arrivals). Products such as Feliway and Zylkene can help reduce stress in affected cats, whether it is due to conflict or changes to routine. However, if accidents happen, we’ve got products like UrineOff, UrineFree and Piss Off to properly clean affected areas. You can also purchase absorbent training pads to protect areas from damage.


Aggressive behaviour in cats, either towards people or other pets, is a serious behavioural issue. Aggression in a cat can result from stress, anxiety, or a medical condition causing pain, hormonal changes, or other factors. You should first rule out any medical causes with a trip to your vet before treating aggression in cats. Sometimes, you can identify triggers for aggressive behaviour. This is the easiest way to resolve aggression if the trigger is obvious and can be removed. If a trigger cannot be identified, both you and your cat will have to learn to live with the trigger.

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Among the top brands we carry at VetProductsDirect are Feliway, Kong, UrineOff and Zylkene. You can shop with confidence at VetProductsDirect because our team of veterinarians and animal health professionals only approve products they would use on their own pets. 

During business hours, our highly trained customer service staff and vet nurses are available to answer questions about products or assist with other inquiries. You can contact them by email at [email protected] or by phone at 1300 838 776.

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