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Toys For Every Dog

We have a huge variety of toys of all kinds to keep even the most active and curious dog entertained!

Here at VetProductsDirect, we've got dog toys for all kinds of dogs! We’ve got toys for the toughest chewers, toys for confidence-building, toys for tugging on, toys for squeaking, toys for snuggling and toys for chasing. No matter the kind of dog, we’ve got a toy that we know they will love!

Bored dogs are at risk of becoming naughty dogs who will play with anything to entertain themselves. Avoid coming home to your favourite shoes strewn around your back yard or an accidental couch explosion and give your dog a toy that will keep them entertained for hours. 

Play time is the perfect time to strengthen your bond with your dog. Playing with your dog also keeps them happy and healthy. 

Buster Activity Toys

The award-winning range of Buster Activity Mats are the perfect toy for dogs that love a challenge. Mentally stimulating, the Buster Activity Mats are available in three levels of difficulty and each task can be set up with another three stages of difficulty also. With the various levels of difficulty, you can challenge your dog over and over again. The Buster Activity Mats are recommended by dog psychologist Anders Hallgren.

Chuckit! Toys

Chuckit toys are designed for play! These innovative toys are the perfect bonding toy as they are not designed for solo play. The Ball Launcher means no more slobbery hands from picking up your dog's ball. Play time doesn’t have to end when the sun goes down with the Max Glow Ball which will glow for 30 minutes after being left in the light for 5 minutes. The Chuckit Ultra Ball is designed to be used with the Chuckit launcher so you can throw further for longer. Tougher than an ordinary tennis ball, the Ultra Ball is super easy to spot, floats and has a high bounce.


FuzzYard is a proudly Australian pet company that sells premium products all around the world! Their range of quality plush toys offer maximum entertainment and are all fitted with squeakers for extra boredom busting power. Featuring stylish and fun designs, FuzzYard toys are unique and one of a kind!


Kong is one of the most well-known toy brands, and for good reason! They make a huge range of dog toys for every kind of dog at every age! Squeaky toys, plush toys and toys for tough chewers in the Kong Extreme range. Kong even makes toys especially for puppies and senior dogs. The classic Kong toy was first produced in 1970 and the brand has grown and grown since then, first selling in Australia in the 2000’s. Now, Kong toys are sold in over 80 countries and the brand continues to lead the way in the pet toy industry.

Rope Toys

Rope toys are perfect for dogs that love to chew! They are affordable, tough and durable and can also be used when you want to engage in play time with your dog. If your new puppy has developed a taste for your fingers, toes or maybe even your shoes, you can use a rope toy to redirect their chewing behaviour to something more appropriate. If your dog is a notorious chewer, instead of offering them a plush toy that likely won’t last a week, browse our range of rope toys for a more durable option. There are so many games you and your dog can play with their rope toy like tug and fetch.

Puppy Toys

You might not think you need a specialised toy just for your puppy, but there are many reasons this is a good idea. As well as being smaller than a fully grown adult dog, puppies also have other needs that need to be met by their toys that an adult dog doesn’t need. In their first year of life, dogs do so much physical growing, but they also have to learn so many skills and abilities. Puppy toys can help to develop their coordination.

Choose toys made from soft materials so that they don’t hurt their tiny little puppy teeth. Teething puppies will appreciate something they can gnaw on to relieve the discomfort they can experience while teething. Consider the weight and size of the toy as well, if it is too heavy or too big for your puppy, they won’t be able to pick it up. Treat toys like the Kong Classic can provide hours of entertainment when stuffed with treats which can help keep anxious puppies engaged while they adjust to life in their new house. 

Senior Toys

Play time is important for senior dogs to keep them mentally and physically fit. Just because your senior dog is a bit slower in their old age doesn’t mean they don’t love play time. If your dog went mad for a ball or frisbee in their younger years, they are probably still excited to see their favourite toy, you just might need to make some adjustments so they can still enjoy play time safely. For example, the Kong Senior toy is made of a softer rubber so it is gentle on teeth and gums that have been chewing for years. The Kong Senior toy is recommended by both veterinarians and dog trainers. 

How To Play Safely

Don’t leave your dog alone with a toy that they may be able to injure themselves with. Always thoroughly check your dog's toys for wear and tear before play time. Replace your dog's toys before they become severely damaged to avoid accident or injury.

Buy Your Dog Toys from Vet Products Direct

Our team of veterinary surgeons personally approve every single item we sell and we refuse to stock items we wouldn’t use on our own pets. Backed by a team of trained veterinary nurses, our customer service staff are available via phone 1300 838 776 or email [email protected] to answer any questions you may have. 

The VetProductsDirect website stocks top quality products from major brands including Kong, Buster, FuzzYard, ChuckIt and more. We aim to be able to provide our customers with a wide range of quality products at affordable prices.

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