Calcium Supplements for Dogs

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Using Calcium Supplements For Dogs

Calcium plays an important role in the development of your dog’s bones and teeth. While most dog food contains some calcium, it is quite common for your dog to not reach the recommended intake naturally through its diet. Calcium supplements are an effective way to ensure that your dog is getting a healthy intake of calcium.    

Our vets and vet nurses have carefully chosen this range of dog calcium supplements so that you can shop in comfort knowing you are getting great prices and outstanding service as well as discount pet products.

How Do Calcium Supplements Benefit Dogs?

Similar to humans, calcium plays an important role for your dog’s skeletal and digestive health. The benefits of calcium supplements for dogs ranges from promoting bone strength, easing muscle movement and aiding digestion.

Can you tell if your dog has low calcium?

If your dog has abnormally low levels of calcium, you may begin to notice muscle twitches, weakness or loss of appetite. If you notice if any of these symptoms are persistent, you should arrange to see your vet.

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