Skin Care & Wound Repair For Dogs

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Dog Skin and Wound Repair Supplies

With our range of dog skin care treatments, you can offer your dog the best protection

The time you spend together with your dog is precious - playing in the backyard, running in the park, relaxing on the beach. Providing your pet with these experiences strengthens the special bond you share with him/her and allows your dog to live the best possible life.


Dogs, too, are exposed to many different types of risk. Every time you and your dog step outside, you encounter environmental factors and potential hazards. Therefore, it's imperative to keep an assortment of dog wound care treatments and skin care products on hand at all times, both to prevent problems from arising and to help them heal quickly if they do.


At VetProductsDirect, we offer an extensive collection of dog skincare products that can provide the basis for a basic first aid kit for your pooch. It gives you the ability to respond quickly to a wide range of situations, offering your dog the best protection, care, and love.


Preventing Environmental Damage with Dog Skincare

Despite the reputation that dogs have for being tough and resilient, their skin is surprisingly delicate. Your dog's skin is affected by a wide range of environmental factors, and some of those can cause serious problems if left untreated.


These can include:


  • Allergies: Pets can also be allergic to grass and the pollen from plants, just like humans. This can affect their skin, causing it to become dry and itchy. To alleviate this, your dog may bite or scratch at themselves. Unfortunately, this can only make things worse.
  • Sun Damage: UV rays from the sun can damage your dog's skin. It's very important to protect your pooch when they're outside because they are susceptible to sunburn and heatstroke. In warmer climates, sun protection is especially important during summer months.
  • Insect Bites: Dogs are often targets for mosquitoes and other parasites. Itching and irritation can result from bites, and in some cases, more severe conditions may develop as well.
  • Dirt: Many dogs love to get messy when they play outdoors, whether they are splashing in the ocean or taking a dip in a mud puddle. However, if your dog is not cleaned properly after getting messy, dirt and bacteria can become trapped underneath their coat causing bacterial and fungal infections to develop.


Being a responsible dog owner means keeping a stock of dog skin and wound care products on hand that can prevent these problems from occurring, protecting your dog before it becomes sick.


Sunscreens and insect repellents, for instance, can be applied to your dog before heading out for a walk together, thus combating the harmful effects of UV rays and protecting them from insect bites.


An omega 3, 6 and 9 supplement is also a great addition to help improve your dog's skin. Omega oils have been proven to help with skin and coat health, have anti-inflammatory benefits for healthy joints and support a healthy brain, liver and heart.

Specialist Dog Wound Care Treatments to Help Your Pup Heal

An unfortunate fact of life is that your dog may become injured at one point in time. Whether they have been scratched by bushes or shrubs, or scraped while playing rough, or even injured in a fight with another dog, you should keep a well-stocked first aid kit to be able to tend to these injuries.

VetProductsDirect carries a variety of dog wound care solutions that help to clean and promote the fast healing of wounds on your dog. This includes treatments for wounds of the skin, as well as wounds of the paw and injuries to the nail, both of which can be incredibly painful.


We believe in offering our customers a choice of both medicinal and natural wound care solutions. Manuka honey is one of our most popular natural wound care products as it has antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and other healing properties. In addition to providing a moist wound environment, manuka honey also functions as a protective barrier, which keeps bacteria at bay. It also helps to remove dead and damaged skin cells which can delay wound healing by providing an ideal medium for bacteria to grow on.

Infection Prevention in Dogs

Another common problem for dog owners is infection. Dogs can suffer from bacterial and fungal infections of the skin if dirt and bacteria become trapped underneath their coat. As well as ensuring your dog is bathed regularly, you can prevent skin infections from becoming a serious problem by ensuring you always have a supply of antiseptic and antibacterial wound care products on hand. 


F10 is a germicidal barrier ointment that helps to prevent reinfection and kills bacteria, viruses and fungi before they can get into wounds. It is also available as a shampoo to wash away fungi and bacteria.

Shop for Dog Skin and Wound Care Supplies

At VetProductsDirect, we stock everything your dog may need to keep their skin clean and clear. Need products for your pets first aid kit? We've got those too! We want to help you provide your dog with the best so they can live a long and happy life. You can purchase everything from food to flea and tick treatments, toys to training aids, shampoos and supplements - all delivered directly to your door! 


We are owned and operated by a team of registered Australian veterinarians and our highly trained customer service team is staffed by veterinary nurses so we can provide you with the advice and products you need. In fact, we choose to only stock products that we personally approve of, and would happily use on our own pets.

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