A Working Dog

Dogs have a very unique place in our lives, they are perfect faithful companions as well as best friends for many people. In many cases, you own one just because you love them and don’t ask them for anything, but some people find that a working dog is vital to their wellbeing.

For example in Australia, there are lots of dogs that are used to keep control of livestock. They have developed two different breeds of dogs to work in their unique climate, these are known as Kelpie and Cattle dogs. When it comes to a working dog for sheep you won’t find much better than the Kelpie, a dog of this kind can do the same amount of work as six men.

Different breeds and purposes

For a guard dog, there is the Pyrenean Mountain Dog. As the name would imply they come of the Pyrenees in the south of France. These are usually used to protect flocks, they also happen to be able to adapt to almost anything and make great loyal and loving pets.

In cold areas like the Arctic and the Antarctic, a rescue dog or guide dog is more common. Working as sled dogs, they are some of the hardest working dogs in the world. In the extreme cold that you find here, they will nevertheless carry a sled up to 500km at a time. Siberian Huskies and Alaskan Malamutes are usually used for this purpose.

Greyhound racing began at the start of the 20th century in America and now have thousands of followers worldwide. The acceleration and speed are the greatest abilities of the Greyhounds and they quite enjoy putting them to work competitively.

The most meaningful working dog

The working dog that most people are familiar with is the guide dog for the blind. When well-trained, these dogs are great companions for the blind and make their life a whole lot easier as they travel through busy city streets. There is a very great relationship that develops between dog and owner in these cases and this level of trust is found in few other places in life.

Dog security is another important thing for many people. In addition to guarding homes, they are used by Police and members of the Army, hunters also use similarly trained dogs to hunt rabbit and duck. In most cases, they are trained and bred specifically for this purpose, but many simply find that they love these kinds of tasks.

Not all working dogs make good pets. Sheep and sled dogs won’t really enjoy backyard or indoor life the way that many domestic animals do. If you choose to treat one as a pet you should seriously think about the amount of stimulation that they will be able to have and how much they will enjoy their new environment. A professional can give you more information about the breed you are dealing with and help you decide. Vet  Products Direct offers a wide range of dog treats , dog food  and other pet supplies.