How To Handle a Cat Hunter

If like me you have a cat who likes to impress you then you may have been delivered some gifts, sadly these gifts are in the shape of bird or rodent carcasses, and once I even had the pleasure of a snake.

Cats have independence that most dogs do not

We see evidence of this in the fact that a feline will often spend large amounts of time away from the home. Cats hunt out of instinct and habit, but also to form bonds with those they perceive as higher up in the chain of command, namely you, the owner. If you want to stop your kitty from bringing home a rat, bat, bird, or snake then take a look at this informative article about how to stop your cat hunting, which offers some good advice on how to stop your cat hunting.

Whether you live in the country or the city, whatever wildlife you have in your locale will mostly come to life at night. Everywhere within your cats territory will be packed with life, all going about their business and all like a walking buffet to your feline. Sure there are animals out in the day too and your cat will also hunt these, but cats by nature are more active at night. A good way of reducing your cats night time hunting is to simply keep it indoors, and this is also a sure-fire way for you kitty to avoid injury through fighting. Cats are adventurous animals and your pet will probably dislike being kept in at first, but if you make sure it has a place to the toilet then it should get used to it with little problem.

It is a basic instinct for a cat to want to hunt

Domesticated cats can be conditioned to act differently, and much of how a cat develops its instinct is through association. If you have a kitten it is advisable to keep it indoors so that it does not become accustomed to the local wildlife, this tactic worked for me and resulted in an adolescent cat that would run from birds.

Whether a kitten will develop hunting skills depends on its mother. If you do not house the kitten and mother you have no issue, but if your house is home to mother and child then you could end up with two hunting cats. Your kitty will copy and ape its mother even if it is kept indoors, and as separating them is pointless the only way to avoid this is if the mother cat is also a non-hunting feline.

A classic way to prevent your cat hunting is to engage in a little espionage and sabotage. A cat bell on a collar and a little mirror will alert any prey to the hunting animal and give it plenty of flight time. This may leave you with a very frustrated cat whose hunts keep failing, but at least you will not have to encounter a half dead animal on your porch.

One animal that is harder to stop your cat from bringing home is the dreaded flea. If you want to keep your cat flea-free and in turn, your home, try out Advantage for Cats, a top flea control product. Vet Products Direct offers a wide range of flea control products for cats online