Keep Fit With Your Dog!

The year is moving on, the air is warmer, and summer is fast approaching. Time to break out the shorts and get yourself, and your dog, in shape! You don’t have cold weather as an excuse to stop your dog running habit anymore.

Start getting fit with your dog now

You’ll be surprised that after only a couple of times outdoors you will actually be having a bit of fun! What you are looking for is both adventure and variety in a dog fitness regime. Just dog walking around the block can get old, and fast! If you are feeling especially adventurous you could also call your local council to ask for outdoor paths that are fairly easy to get to. There are certainly a variety of parks, forests, beaches, and paths for you to make daily or weekly visits to.

What about droppings when you are dog running?

Don’t worry too much about the fact that your dog poops. There won’t be any problems as long as you keep your dog on a leash so that you can pick up any droppings that your dog might leave on the walk. If you decide to take up running with multiple dogs be prepared for quite a bit of lifting in this area!

Make sure you are both prepared for getting your dog fit

Ok. So you are going to get in shape, right?! Keep a couple of things in mind when you are getting ready and you can make sure that you have a successful outing. First off, make sure that your dog is fit enough to get started. Your veterinarian can tell you specifics about what your dog can handle and what kind of schedule you should make. You should also be investing into some good running shoes to make sure that you can keep up with your dog, who is naturally made for this kind of thing

There are plenty of other products that can help out a lot with your dog’s running. A pooch pack is great for this. You can carry water, treats, or other lightweight items on your dog's back, which will also make them feel like they are being helpful. If you are going to the beach specifically you might want to get a water disc to play with as well.

Keep it fun and interesting

It’s always a good idea to keep your routines interesting by changing routes, destinations, and schedules. There are plenty of places that are so beautiful that you want to keep going to, but it would still be great to have some variety in your running.

If you have an older dog you may want to look at supplements such as Pernaease powder to add into your dog’s diet. Dog dietary supplements such as this will aid older dogs who are feeling the effects of age in their joints.  Find out more dog dietary supplements such as dog vitamins online from Vet Products Direct.

Throw an extra run in where you otherwise wouldn’t. Wake up on Saturday morning and run to buy a loaf of bread fresh from the bakery. Everyone loves rewards for good work, not just dogs! There are also plenty of group activities that you and your dog can participate in, events like the Million Paws Walk are great opportunities to get some exercise and socialize with other dog owners and their dogs. Not only that, you will be supporting a fantastic cause! Why not run in the sand at the beach while your dog goes for a swim? Make sure it is a leash free beach or you might run into some problems.