Dogs Who Won't Stop Eating

Dog overeating prevention

Dogs love food, and sometimes a dog will not know when to say no, while they will also not turn away from an unhealthy meal. However, much like humans, a dog needs a complete and balanced diet, while dogs are also susceptible to many of the intolerances that some humans are. For example, while dairy products are a great source of protein for your dog, some will actually be lactose intolerant. Luckily stopping your dog overeating is all down to you, as it is you who will choose what your dog eats. Find out more or buy dog food online  from Vet Products Direct

What to feed your dog

Luckily, these days giving your dog a balanced diet is as easy as popping to the supermarket and buying quality dog food. Many of these products will provide a nutritionally balanced and not to mention tasty meal, and basically all you will need to do is find which brand your dog prefers. The ideal dog food should be low in fat and high in fibre, and these are not hard to find.

If you are raising a dog that is less than one year old then you will have to be a little more careful with your dog meal. Puppies typically need food that contains extra protein, calcium, and iron— one specially formulated for their developing bodies, again these are easily available.

Another wonderful idea is to find the best bowl designed to slow the rate at which your dog can eat their food. Find more here for more best bowl for your pets. Find out more bowls for dogs from Vet Products Direct


When to feed your dog

In many ways dogs do not have limits when eating food as it is built into their nature as their ancestors were wild animals that had to fill themselves where and when they found food. This means you have to make sure you put your dog on an eating plan and restrict its portions. Feeding once or twice a day a restricted amount of food is ideal; your vet can tell you how much is suitable for your dog and it is important that you give your dog an interval to eat. 30 minutes is plenty of time and any food should be removed after that time period.

If your dog’s eating and toileting habits have changed then it could be the case that it has worms. An amazing combatant against worms is Drontal allwormer for dogs, a product that can be administered easily to dogs of all ages and sizes and fights off all kinds of worms.