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Flea treatment for kittens or Cat flea treatment is important if you want to prevent severe health problems from affecting your pets. In any case, the fleas may cause your once adorable and cuddly kittens to become sickly and develop ailments such as dermatitis and anemia. These diseases may lead to the premature death of your cats if left untreated. The good news is that with proper treatment, you can get rid of the fleas as quickly as possible.


What are the signs of a flea infestation?

You can easily know if your kitten has fleas by looking out for the following signs:

-Excessive scratching

Restlessness, excessive scratching, and chewing of certain areas of the body are all signs of flea infestation. If your kitten cannot remain calm for a few seconds, consider searching for fleas around the head, ears, and hair coat.

-Fur loss

The fur may fall off and grow irregularly around the areas that fleas like to hide, due to itching and scratching

-Black spots and redness

Redness and black spots might appear on the skin of the cat due to excessive scratching. Scabbing may also form as the infestation of the fleas takes a toll on the skin of the kitten.

-White gums

A severe flea infestation may cause your kitten to become anemic, subsequently resulting in white gums. The gums of a healthy kitten should be pink instead of white.

-Rice-like segments in stool

Fleas normally carry tapeworms, which may find their way into the digestive system of the kitten. With this in mind, you should check the stool of the cat for rice-like tapeworm segments.


When is the ideal time for flea treatment for kittens?

Newborn kittens can easily get fleas from their mother, their nest, or the surrounding areas. However, you should never apply flea control products or give medications to kittens younger than four weeks. This is because these supplies might turn out to be harmful, given the delicate nature of young kittens. Instead, you should use a flea comb to brush the kittens, and clean their bedding to get rid of the fleas. Find out more cat flea treatment products from Vet Products Direct.


Flea treatment for kittens 4 to 13 weeks of age or older

Flea treatment is ideal for kittens aged four weeks or older. Your vet will recommend various treatment options that you can use on your kittens, depending on the severity of flea infestations. Some of the most common cat flea treatments for kittens include:

-Moxiclear Cat Kitten Small 3PK Purple

-Activyl Cat Under 4Kg Single Dose

-Advantage Orange 1 Pack Small Cat 0-4 Kg

-Frontline Original

-Revolution for Kittens

-Advocate Kitten and Cat


Flea prevention

Prevention is better than cure. To prevent fleas from infesting your pets, you can do the following:

-Clean your house and vacuum your carpet regularly

-Cleaning the sleeping areas of your pets

-Shampoo older pets when grooming

-Always inspect your cats regularly


The Bottom line:

Taking care of kittens comes with great responsibility, and one of your tasks is to ensure that your cuddly pets remain flea-free. If you need any help with cat flea treatment, please visit our website to talk to one of our vets.