Do flea and tick tablets work?

Flea and tick tablets, such as NexGard Spectra and Comfortis, are proving to be an effective alternative to topical solutions as far as preventing and treating infestations in pets are concerned. Instead of applying a spot-on treatment to your cat or dog, you can give them a chewable tablet or a pill (every month) to get rid of the parasites!


How flea and tick tablets work

Flea and tick tablets work similarly to any oral medication, and they come in the form of chewable meds given to pets once or twice a month as prescribed by a vet.


The tablets contain various potent but safe compounds such as lufenuron, spinosad, nitenpyram and other active chemicals used in multiple parasitical medications. When ingested, these compounds enter the bloodstream and kill any flea or tick that bites your pet almost instantly.


The active compounds work by overstimulating the nervous system of fleas, ticks and other parasites, subsequently causing death.


Benefits of flea and tick tablets

The benefits of flea and tick tablets compared to other treatments are almost endless. Some of the most common advantages include:


●       Convenience

Unlike topical treatments, oral tablets are easy to give to your pet. You can mix them in their food or give them as treats for faster ingestion. Moreover, many chewable tablets are flavoured with tasty beef or fish, making them a favourite for your pet.


Then again, you only need to give your pet the tablet once a month rather than every other week. Furthermore, if you have kids around the home, your pet does not have to go into quarantine since physical contact with medicine is no longer an issue.


●       Effectiveness

Chewable flea and tick tablets are comparatively more effective since your pet will have to ingest the pill orally. The tabs contain active, fast-acting compounds such as spinosad, which are capable of killing fleas and ticks in less than 30 minutes after ingestion. These tablets are also useful in preventing infestation, thus keeping your pet healthy and happy.


●       All-round protection

Flea and tick tablets provide all-round protection against a variety of parasites. Apart from preventing flea and tick infestations, these tablets also prevent, treat and control heartworms, tapeworms, whipworms, hookworms and other disease-causing parasites.


The best flea and tick tablets

Some of the most notable flea and tick tablets include: 

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