The Dangerous dog Toys

If you are the proud owner of an effervescent and vibrant dog then you will be able to confirm that your ball of energy loves to play with stuff. For your dog just about anything will do, the shoe in the corner, the ball in the yard, or the favourite dress you were saving for that special occasion. However, just because everything is a potential toy to your dog, it does not mean everything should be a toy to your dog.

The wrong toy can cause health issues for your pet, not least if it swallows something that was not designed to be a dog toy. A swallowed item may get lodged in the intestinal passage and cause abdominal problems. Spotting if your dog has swallowed something is not easy as it can take minutes, hours, or days to spot any differences in your animal.

Health hazards for dogs

Just about any household object can become a toy for your dog if of course, it is small enough for your pooch. In fact, every outside object is the same as for dogs simply love to play and investigate, and in truth many times the owner may not know that their dog plays with a certain object. However, unless the toy was specifically designed and manufactured with a dog in mind it is probably in some way a health hazard. It is also worth mentioning that even some store-bought pet toys can be an issue, so while it is a bit of a minefield there are certain things you can do.

Dog toy hazards to avoid

  • Sticks and stones are the classic dog toy, and while we do not want to remove all fun from dog ownership there are some things to be vigilant about. Sticks can cause splinters in the mouth or in the stomach if swallowed. Instead, use a hard non splintered chew toy that looks like a stick and can be bought from a good pet store. These items work just like sticks, can be cleaned, and can be used for fetch or for your dog to gnaw.
  • Some pet-specific toys are not suitable, for example, latex toys can be shredded while squeaking toys contain a mechanism within that can be swallowed as a choking hazard.
  • Clothing material can be swallowed in clumps, causing intestinal problems for a dog.
  • While a stone may seem like fun to your dog, the fact they are so hard could result in broken teeth.
  • Avoid leaving plastic bags lying around as small dogs can enter them and suffocate.
  • Sharp objects can cause cuts and lacerations.
  • Machined materials such as leather or metals can have toxic properties.

Luckily there are many safe dog toys that can be bought from good pet stores. Our dog toy range are safer than others and give your dog all the fun and contentment that good dog toys can. Vet Products Direct offers a wide range of dog toys products for your pets