Danger For Your Dog In The Yard

Think your dog is safe in your yard? Jumping, running, and always happy, your yard is a place where human’s party and dogs play, but there are many dangers lurking for your pooch. You will find this article is a good yardstick (get it?) in how to protect your dog while it is in your yard.

We often think that if a yard is properly enclosed then there is little danger to a pet dog. Well the truth is there are numerous ways in which a dog can find harm while in your yard, but do not worry it is not all doom and gloom as most causes of harm to dogs can be avoided and/or prevented.

Unseen dangers for your dog

One major problem for dog owners who want to maintain their yard is how to fend off unwanted visitors and keep your pet safe and happy. Snails and other harmful garden pests can be eliminated with snail bait and poisons, but what is bad for the snail is certainly bad for your dog too. Non-toxic pest removal options are highly advised if you have a dog, while if a poison is necessary ensure it is out of reach of your pet. This is easier said than done if you have an inquisitive dog (who doesn’t?), so make sure you keep the poisons out of harm's way.

Security of your yard is also important in keeping your dog safe. A fence can be used to keep unwanted visitors out and your dog in, however dogs are enticed by fences and will attempt to climb over or crawl under yours, so make sure it is always well maintained and dog-proof. If you are lucky enough to have a swimming pool do not be fooled into thinking that because dogs are proficient swimmers they cannot drown. Do not take the chance and instead gate off your pool area.

Are sticks really good for your dog?

Dogs love sticks, and humans love throwing sticks to their dogs, it is something that is as old as man's affinity with canines. Unfortunately, vets will tell you that injuries caused by sticks are extremely common in dogs, and come in many varieties. Dogs love to chew and sticks splinter and cause wounds in the mouth of the animal that may become infected, or even eyes can be gouged.

It is also worth investigating which flora your yard houses; some could be poisonous to your pet. Of course, it is unlikely that you will stop playing fetch with your dog, but there are alternatives to garden sticks that can be bought that will ensure a safer time of fun for your pooch.

Dangerous animals that can hurt your dog

Perhaps the hardest of all the potential problems a dog could encounter in a yard is luckily one of the rarest, and that is invasion by dangerous animals. Spiders, ticks, and snakes pose a reasonable threat to your beloved pet, with many dangerous species living in the country. Of course, finding or predicting the movements of these animals is very hard but keeping a well-maintained yard that is not overgrown certainly helps by reducing the number of havens for these animals to make a home.  Vet Products direct offers a wide range of dog flea and tick treatments. Find out more.

It will not matter what yard your dog is in if it has heartworm,fleas, or ticks, so a highly recommended product is Panoramis, which offers protection from a variety of worms, and also prevents and wards off fleas.