How To Check for Ticks

There are many types of ticks in Australia, and it is important to know which types are in the area where you live. Some cause blood loss and skin irritation while others (especially on the east coast of Australia) can cause serious life-threatening paralysis and death.

In most areas these paralysis ticks are seasonal and our pets are at highest risk from late winter to early summer. Unfortunately, it is possible for them to be a potential issue at almost any time of year.

Tick paralysis can be caused by the bite of just one tick and results in the animal losing control of their back legs, experiencing laboured breathing vomiting and paralysis that spreads forwards to involve their whole body. If signs of tick paralysis are seen it is important to seek veterinary help immediately.

Prevention is critical and our stores carry a complete range of flea and tick preventatives. We need to check our pets for ticks on a daily basis, especially during high-risk periods. Use your hand/comb to search the coat. Ticks cause irritation where they attach so feel for lumps, especially in hidden places under the tail, between the toes and in the ears.