Two Dogs

It’s safe to say that the average dog brings great joy to their family homes on a daily basis. Whether you’re enjoying the frisky, sweet energy of a new puppy finding their way in the world, or have a loyal companion snoozing by your feet after years of companionship, we love to invite dogs into our home as special and greatly loved members of our family. We believe that Nexgard Spectra can ensure your dog is healthy. 

Just like we do for the health of our physical household members, it’s important to consider what your dog needs to embrace each day and remain healthy and strong. As a part of a healthy routine, it’s essential to make sure your dog is protected against fleas, ticks, heartworm and intestinal worms. 

NexGard Spectra brings all the protection your dog needs against these dangerous parasites. Providing complete parasite protection in just one chew, NexGard Spectra is shaped for tasty, easy digestion on a monthly basis.

NexGard Spectra is designed to get dogs chewing – with a tasty beef flavour, it’s one that will have your dog coming back for more the next month. Easy to give to your dog to eat with or without food, the NexGard Spectra tablets are thoughtfully designed to make sure your dog’s happily digesting them on a monthly basis. 

For dogs who are regularly active in wet areas, NexGard Spectra is a strong choice for protection, as it’s not affected by bathing, swimming or shampooing. NexGard Spectra also offers all-in-one treatment for fleas, ticks and heartworm, compared to administering treatment via two separate methods on a monthly or 3-monthly basis. It’s easy to stay up-to-date with your dog’s treatment system. 

While NexGard Spectra works to protect your dogs from getting fleas in the first place, it can also work to kill fleas fast and prevent them from infesting your home if you begin to use the product after your dog has been protected. It’s also effective in creating protection against deadly paralysis ticks, bush ticks and brown dog ticks. 

With a key focus on protection from heart disease, NexGard Spectra works to give you full peace of mind about the protection and health of your beloved dog. As heartworm is most often only recognisable when it’s too late, it’s crucial to ensure you’re arming your dog for all kinds of environment and unknown factors.

NexGard Spectra also provides effective protection from intestinal worms of all common kinds. Worms can have a greatly debilitating effect on your dog’s health, so protecting against them as a part of a healthy prevention system is a powerful move to making sure your dog’s not being robbed of key nutrients and suffering poor health as a result.

Available in easy 3-month or 6-month, NexGard Spectra takes the guesswork out of providing your dog with comprehensive protection against a whole host of unwanted parasites and diseases. Give your dog the gift of protection, and give yourself the gift of peace of mind.