Dog in colored mat

There’s nothing cuter than a growing puppy, right? In the midst of the house-training, leash-training and all-day snuggles, it’s easy for the days to disappear and for your puppy to feel like it’s growing by leaps and bounds overnight! Providing the correct food like Royal Canin Puppy Medium can help with their ongoing development. The puppy stage is a crucial life stage for a happy, healthy adult dog, ready to adventure with you for years to come. If you’ve recently brought a puppy into your family, or are looking to make the best care decisions for your pup, there’s no better place to start than considering the food that’s providing the energy your puppy needs for all of those days of growth and play. In much the same way you wouldn’t feed a baby or a toddler the same diet as a fully grown adult, catering to specific puppy needs and taking into account their life stage is crucial to ensuring you’re setting your puppy up for success. Suitable for dogs with an adult weight within the range of 11-25kgs, this food is designed for puppies from the ages of 2 months through to 12 months.

Royal Canin Puppy Medium is a type of dog food that’s all about supporting healthy, growing puppies. As puppy immune systems develop gradually as they age, supporting their immune systems from day 1 is a key part of making sure your puppy’s got the healthy environment it needs to flourish. Across its ingredients, Royal Canin Puppy Medium helps to build up your puppy’s natural immune defences thanks to a patented complex of antioxidants, including vitamin E. Vitamin E, alone, has numerous benefits for a growing puppy, including the development of strong, healthy muscles, the promotion of healthy circulatory systems, along with the promotion of a strong immune system. As it’s an antioxidant, it also helps to protect growing cells from damage. 

For puppies of all shapes and colours, digestive health is always going to be an area of importance. If your puppy’s struggling to digest its food, it’s not going to receive the energy and benefits it needs from that nutrition source. Royal Canin Puppy Medium has a combination of nutrients with high quality protein and prebiotics, which work together to support your growing dog’s digestive health and also the balance of their intestinal flora, which contributes to a healthy stool.

Last, but not least, Royal Canin Puppy Medium is all about giving your puppy what it needs to grow! Growing puppies, particularly of medium-sized breeds, can expel a lot of energy across their daily activities. Playing, chewing, chasing, learning – every day brings new experiences for growing puppies, all which contribute to the need for high-quality energy sources. Royal Canin Medium Puppy meets the high-energy needs of growing puppies, making sure they’re equipped and ready for whatever the day ahead holds.

With shipping Australia-wide and discount Club Prices, it’ll take just the click of a button to send a bag of Royal Canin Medium Puppy to your home – and into your hungry puppy’s food bowl!