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Our dogs need our help to look and smell their best, unlike most cats. In spite of your dog's desire to be as stinky as possible, sometimes they must endure the dreaded bath. When that dirty dog smell becomes too much to bear, check out this article to ensure you are using the right type of shampoo to freshen up your furry friend. 



Can I Use My Shampoo On My Dog?

Your first consideration should be whether the shampoo is safe for dogs.

The skin of a dog is more alkaline than the skin of a human, so you need to pick a shampoo that has the right pH balance for your dog. If you use a shampoo designed for humans on your dog, you may find their coat dries out and their skin becomes itchy and irritated. Therefore, it is recommended that you select a shampoo that is specially designed for dogs.



Shampoo for Puppies

Similarly to babies, puppies also have sensitive skin, so regular dog shampoo may not be suitable for their skin. There are a variety of specialty puppy shampoos available, all of which are extra gentle on your puppy's skin.

Brands we stock include:


Shampoo for Dogs with Dry, Sensitive or Irritated Skin

For dogs with allergies, sensitive skin, or dry and flaky skin, a specialised shampoo is necessary to prevent further irritation. Shampoos that are suitable for dogs with sensitive skin types often contain soothing ingredients such as oatmeal and aloe vera. They are also often soap-free, hypoallergenic and contain added moisturisers.

Brands we stock include:



Flea and Tick Shampoos

There are several shampoos available on the market that can help your dog get rid of fleas and ticks. Pyrethrin and permethrin are two ingredients commonly found in flea and tick shampoos for dogs. Pyrethrin is a naturally occurring insecticidal found in varieties of the Chrysanthemum flower and permethrin is the man-made version of pyrethrin. Both pyrethrin and permethrin work by paralysing the fleas or ticks on your dog, however, it is also toxic to fish, frogs and other insects such as bees.

Pyrethrin and permethrin are also sensitive to cats, so products that contain high levels should be avoided on dogs that live with cats. There are some products on the market that are safe to use on cats and dogs that share their home with cats because they contain a low dose of pyrethrin or permethrin.

Brands we stock with low levels of pyrethrin that are safe to use on cats and dogs that share their home with cats includes:



Medicated Shampoos

Medicated shampoos contain ingredients that can control fungal, bacterial, or yeast infections on your dog's skin. It is advised that you do not use medicated shampoos unless instructed to do so by your veterinarian and you should ensure you always follow the directions closely.

Brands we stock include:



Herbal and Natural Shampoos

There is a wide variety of herbal ingredients that are used in herbal shampoos and rinses, each of which has different effects and benefits. Herbal shampoos do not have some of the harsh chemicals that can be found in other shampoos. The combination of herbal ingredients in these shampoos and rinses leaves your dog's coat looking and smelling great!

Brands we stock include:



Shampoos for Dogs with White/Light or Dark/Black Fur

It is common for dog owners of white and very light colored fur to notice that their dog's fur is not as white as it once was, or that it seems dull or stained over time. Luckily, there are a variety of shampoos on the market that can help restore your pups' fur to the brilliant snowy white it once was. Many of these shampoos contain optical brighteners to enhance the whiteness of your dogs' coat. Some shampoos are even a blue or purple colour which reduces yellow tones.

One brand we stock is Fido's White and Bright Shampoo.

Fido's White and Bright Conditioner is also available.

At the other end of the colour spectrum, dogs with black or very dark coloured fur can also benefit from using specific shampoos to help enhance their dark colouring and make their coat shine.

One brand we stock is Fido's Black Gloss Shampoo.



Shampoos for Dogs with No Skin or Other Concerns

You can find a wide variety of shampoos suitable for use on your dog in this category if you own a dog with no skin issues, no flea or tick problems, and if you just want a general shampoo for regular use.

Brands we stock include:



Shampoo Alternatives

There are options available if you live in an apartment or own a dog that dislikes bath time. Sprays, wipes and water-less washes are suitable for use on most dogs but may not be ideal for dogs with skin concerns.

Brands we stock include:



Does My Dog Need to Use a Conditioner?

Because each dog is different, there is no straightforward answer to this question. There are conditioners available in a variety of brands and for almost every category we have considered in this article. If your dog has dry skin or fur, a conditioner can be especially helpful at adding extra moisture to their fur or skin. The use of a conditioner can also facilitate the treatment of skin conditions in dogs who require a medicated shampoo.

Brands we stock include:


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