Dog Identification

When your dog is lost there is always a good chance it will be found, but even then there might not be a way to return it to you. This is where a dog identification method can come in handy. This is a simple enough concept but it won’t prevent your dog from being stolen or getting lost. It will, however, help make sure that you are reunited with it quickly.

Dog identification with tattoos

Tattooing is relatively painless for dogs and is done by the vast majority of veterinarians. A special ink is used to create a code or mark on the inside of their ear, or thigh if it’s a cat. These will greatly help to track your dog if they are ever recovered after being lost.

Dog ID micro chips

Implanting microchips in your pet is becoming more and more prevalent and in many places it is mandatory. Your veterinarian will inject a tiny microchip under your dog’s skin, most often right between their shoulder blades. This will reflect radio waves back to a scanner that will reveal a specific dog ID number. There is a national registry that holds all of the numbers so that they can be easily identified. You will want to make sure that you update your information if you ever move if you hope to track your dog properly. This also helps because if they end up at a shelter somehow without being recognized, they will be checked for microchips before they are put down. Your vet can give you more information on it.

Dog ID tags and collars

Dog ID tags and collars are great additions to the other methods, but they are also easily removed or lost. When they are recovered these are things that can be identified by anyone and not just a vet or shelter worker. This is also a great chance to make a fashion statement on your canine companion but make sure to take the time to get one that will fit properly and will also adjust to allow growth. For cats the collar should be able to breakaway or stretch so that they can get out of the collar if they get stuck on something.

Protecting against the elements

You will want to make sure that your dog is protected against things that it might run into outdoors if it gets lost as well. Frontline Plus Dogs will protect them against fleas and ticks that they could fall victim to in the wild. Dog worming products are also important for times like this. Buy dog worming products online at Vet Products Direct.