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Fleas are one of the most common causes of itchy skin in pets. Flea bites are extremely irritating and in some pets a single flea bite can cause a very aggravating skin condition called Flea Allergy Dermatitis. Your pet may frantically scratch and bite their coat and may lick themselves constantly.

Fleas are small black/brown insects that are often found around the neck, hind legs and the base of the tail. If you see just one flea, there will normally be plenty of others as they hide in thick dark areas of your pet’s coat.

If you don’t see a live flea, look for ‘flea dirt’ in your pet’s coat- these are tiny dark brown specks that look like dirt. This is the dried faeces of fleas and can be found by brushing your cat’s coat over some white paper towel. Place a drop of water on the specks and if it turns red, it is digested blood found in flea droppings and your pet has fleas.

Choose a flea product that breaks the flea life cycle- your vet can advise you of the best product for your situation. Also, be diligent with cleaning your pet’s environment which includes thoroughly vacuuming floorboards, carpets and couches and washing bedding.

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