Dog Staring At Person

Anyone who has owned a dog at some point would have noticed something odd and asked themselves: why does my dog always want to follow me to the bathroom?! Although this behaviour may seem strange at first glance, don't fret! Here are our top 5 reasons your dog follow you to the bathroom.


1. Pack Behaviour

Dogs are pack animals; this goes all the way back to their wolf ancestors. In their domesticated state, they will want to join you as part of their pack. As part of pack behaviour, they would stay together - for you, this equals little to no privacy whatsoever! Dogs also have no concept of privacy as they are used to always being close to people they are bonded to (you), and they do not understand the concept of the bathroom as being a private place for humans. 

2. Personal Bodyguard

In nature, it is always a risk to go to the bathroom alone, as you are vunerable and exposed to the elements. As part of the pack mentality your pup will want to protect you, whatever you are doing. Even if that means that they keep paw-trol around you as you are doing your business! Otherwise, keeping your dog out might make said pup stressed - “What is hiding in the secret room? What could you possibly be doing in there with the door closed?” Your home is your dog's territory and they feel like they should keep a lookout at all times. 

3. Separation Anxiety

If your dog is constantly whining and scratching at the door whenever you are in the bathroom, you may be dealing with separation anxiety. Of course, this may not be the case, and your dog may just want to play. However, if your dog is showing higher signs of anxiety than normal whenever you go to the bathroom, you should start to take some steps to ease their distress. If their anxiety is mild, keeping them preoccupied with toys, treats or giving them a shirt of yours may do the trick. However, if your pup's anxiety is constantly high, we suggest taking your pup to the vet (or training school) to help relieve your pup of their worries.

4. Curiosity

Sometimes, your four-legged pal could just be curious about what you are doing. Dogs usually keep a steady routine, and staying inside can be boring! In that way, going and seeing what you are doing (even if you are going to the bathroom) is something to be curious about, especially if they aren't allowed to go in that room! Furthermore, your pup watches and wonders why you are going into this mysterious room everyday. What's this about? Why can't I go in? Your pup will only know if they check it out.

5. Puppy Love 

Lastly, it could be simply because your dog loves you and wants to hang out with you. Have you been out and come back to the house? If you've been gone for awhile (even if it's a short time), you pup misses you and will want to happily follow you anywhere, even to the bathroom! Your dog loves you and wants to be affectionate with you, and is strongly bonded to you. It's pure puppy love.