Why do Cats Eat Meat

Cats love meat. Have you ever met a cat vegetarian? Cats eat meat, and have to have meat. They are the cutest carnivores and have to eat animal tissue in order to stay healthy. Amino acids, the “building block” of protein, are in high demand inside the body of a cat. For that reason, no matter how you feel about it, cats simply can’t be vegetarians.

Kittens, which you can legally call your cat until it is a year old (although my Mr Bungles will forever be one as far as I’m concerned), require a special food designed with their young system in mind. These have an even higher level of protein to help their young muscles and bones grow.  Find out more as Vet Products Direct  offers the best cat food for your pet.

Does that mean my cat can have my dog’s food?

Cat meat eaters love fewer things more than an adventure to your dog’s food bowl. Cats, though you could never tell them that, aren’t just small dogs. They don’t need, and don’t get, the same kind of nutrition without their own special blend of products. No amount of meal swapping is going to give your individual animals what they need. When you choose a food for that special cat in your life, you should be looking for a blend of proteins, minerals, vitamins, and fats. Don’t worry too much about vitamin and mineral supplements, though, because they most likely aren’t needed and could even do harm to your pet. The only things they might ever need are medications like Milbemax cat wormer.

Cat carnivore eating habits

Cats eat meat, but they never eat too much of it. They are remarkably efficient in their habits. A cat will eat until it is full, and then walk away. There are obsessive cats, but for the most part they will eat a small meal and then come back when they get hungry again. That is why you can leave food out for your cat in a way that you couldn’t for a dog. If your cat has more than a couple of kilograms extra hanging around, though, you should talk to your vet about helping him lose weight. Don’t get distracted by the fact that cats are cuter when they’re fat!

The ancient ancestors of our cute, cuddly pals were wild animals that only ate after a successful hunt. Our modern day friends eat in a similar way and will eat in cycles, sometimes sporadically. This does not mean that your cat doesn’t like the food you picked out so don’t worry. Even if your cat eats a lot at times and hardly any at others, don’t keep switching brands because then you will create a very picky, stressed eater.