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Yours Droolly Dog Ear Cleaner 125ml


Yours Droolly Dog Ear Cleaner 125ml

Yours Droolly Dog Ear Cleaner 125ml is the perfect solution for keeping your pet's ears clean and comfortable. Designed for daily use, this mild cleansing formula is gentle yet effective in dissolving oils, wax, and debris in the ear canal. Say goodbye to dirt, crusts, and scales as this gentle solution works its magic, leaving your pet with freshly washed ears and a reduced risk of infections. Whether you have a playful puppy, or an adult or aged dog, Yours Droolly Dog Ear Cleaner is suitable for all, ensuring their ear hygiene is maintained effortlessly.

Key Benefits:

  • Mild ear solution safe for regular cleaning
  • Perfect for daily use on all dog breeds and ages
  • Effectively dissolves wax and oil build-ups
  • Removes dirt, crusts, and debris from the outer ear
  • Non-irritating formula ensures comfort
  • Reduces the risk of infections and ear issues


Propylene Glycol, Benzoic acid, Malic acid, Salicylic acid, isopropyl alcohol, polysorbate emulsifier, purified water.

How to Use:

  1. Gather cotton wool balls before beginning.
  2. Situate your dog facing away from you.
  3. Use one hand to hold back one ear.
  4. Apply 8-10 drops of Ear Cleaner (adjust for larger dogs).
  5. Massage the base of the ear gently for a few seconds.
  6. Listen for a squelching' sound during the massage.
  7. Let your pet shake its head to remove excess solution.
  8. Clean the ear canal with cotton swabs as necessary.
  9. Repeat the steps for the other ear.
  10. Clean your pet's ears as frequently as needed.
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