Why does your dog eat

The technical name for poo-eating is Coprophagia. It turns out, though, that the fact that you saw your dog eat poop is a relatively normal behaviour pattern!

Why Would A Dog Eat Feces?

Naturally, to dogs at least, a mother will practice poo eating until her little pups are able to leave the nest to use the bathroom. New dog owners tend to get freaked out, though, when their new friend eats the feces of other dogs or feces from other species. This is completely normal. Eating on their own is a bit stranger still.

Your first concern should be to make sure that a vitamin deficiency or parasite is making your dog eat poo. A quick trip to the veterinarian can tell you more, but a healthy, well fed, vaccinated dog can have this aspect ruled out pretty easily.

How To Stop Your Dog Eating Poop

After that, the poo eating should be looked at from a behavioural standpoint. The more often your dog is doing something, the more likely it is that it will repeat it. That is how dog behaviour works, so it is best to stop it as soon as you can. If you physically help your dog forget about poop eating it will soon stop it. It does take time, but this is your best friend we’re talking about!

What you are going to have to do is let your dog know that eating feces is bad. You’ll have to use a firm, loud and scolding voice. Anytime you see your dog smelling, or showing any sort of interest in poo, you should vocalize your displeasure. If you are taking them for a walk with a leash you can add a physical element to the training as well.

There are things you can add to their food as well to discourage the behaviour. You should be adding nutrients to their food anyway, if they need it. Sasha’s Blend is a great example of this. MSG (monosodium glutamate) will make their poo far less tempting in the future. You can also add things directly to the poo to stop them. Buy  Sasha’s Blend and other Dog dietary supplements.

Tabasco sauce and lemon will work wonders for creating a negative association with the taste of poo. If you are feeling productive, though, you can simply clean your backyard every day and eliminate the temptation, but they will soon be tempted again once they are out of the backyard.